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Early Years Programme at North London Collegiate School (Singapore): Daily Mandarin, Music & More

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Looking for a trusted British preschool programme to stretch your little one academically? Check out North London Collegiate School (Singapore) and its child-centric Early Years curriculum

North London Collegiate School (Singapore) is a British international school newly opened in Singapore in August 2020. NLCS brings with it the impeccable reputation of North London Collegiate School (UK), which was established 170 years ago. While they offer an academically ambitious education combining outstanding pastoral care, they’ve also got a stellar Early Years (First School) programme from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1.

NLCS (Singapore)’s bespoke Early Years curriculum maintains a child-centred approach where every child is considered unique, focusing on each little one’s needs. Teachers take the time to get to know every individual child and work in partnership with mamas and dads to support each student in ‘running their own race’.

The youngest students are encouraged to learn through play with a structured approach modelled by adults. To ensure the highest expectations of them from a very early age, kids will be continually challenged in their learning as teachers provide a ‘floors but no ceilings’ approach. We also love the strong emphasis on trans-disciplinary learning, allowing children to make links across the curriculum and to discover their own interests in an environment which encourages independence, personal responsibility and care for others.

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Daily phonics for Kindergarten 1 students

Want to raise a little bookworm who’s also a good speaker? NLCS (Singapore) offers daily phonics lessons, inspiring a love of reading in each and every student. The lessons will help develop reading, writing and handwriting skills from an early age. Kindergarten 1 students will learn to hear, say, read and write sounds simultaneously whilst developing their knowledge and understanding of spelling strategies, while Pre-Kindergarten students will learn essential speaking and listening skills as well as pre-reading skills. Students are given the opportunity to use and apply these skills in all curriculum areas.

Specialist teachers, daily Mandarin plus weekly music and PE

Students in the First School will get a strong foundation in English and Math skills and also benefit from specialist teachers, including those who teach daily Mandarin lessons. Weekly Music lessons are delivered by the Head of Junior School, and Physical and Health Education is taught by the school’s specialist sports staff, to develop kids’ gross and fine motor skills through physical activity. Teachers are trained to encourage true academic stretch in all students, balanced with good social skills to interact and communicate well with others.

You’re Invited: NLCS (Singapore) Virtual Coffee Afternoons

Register for an upcoming Virtual Coffee Afternoon event hosted by NLCS (Singapore)’s Principal, Paul Friend! You’ll get to learn more about the school and its curriculum, plus get a chance to ask all your burning questions during the intimate virtual session. Registration here!

North London Collegiate School (Singapore), 130 Depot Road, Singapore, 109708, Tel: (+65) 6955 1430, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

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