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Goodbye Cash, Hello JiPay! New Way for Helpers to Handle Household Expenses

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Struggling to give your helper the necessary cash for household expenses and then keep track of it all? Let JiPay simplify these tasks for you!

How many times have you scrambled for cash when your helper needed to make an urgent run to the supermarket for groceries? That mad dash is now a thing of the past, thanks to JiPay! Created for families with helpers, JiPay utilises a prepaid Mastercard that’s linked to their easy-to-use app, making money transfers and all sorts of payments a total breeze! Accepted at most major stores in Singapore, JiPay offers helpers easy access to contactless and online payment solutions. Here’s how it’s helping helpers and families with cashless payments across the island…

JiPay card and app

Eliminating all the hassle

As a working mama of two, Kristen is always looking for new ways to simplify her helper’s routine so day-to-day tasks are more efficient – an approach that never seemed to work when it came to her family’s grocery situation.

“We were never able to get all the groceries delivered correctly for the week, and often, when other needs came up, I never had physical cash on hand to give my helper. This meant she would spend her own money, bring home the receipt and then I’d have to transfer the money back to her,” says Kristen. She also tried giving her helper a fixed amount of cash each month and keeping track of the spending via receipts, but this turned into a bigger hassle.

When Kristen discovered JiPay she jumped right on it. Using JiPay is simple: Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, you will receive a prepaid Mastercard that’s linked to your app. This lets you stay up to date with how much money you’re transferring to your helper. “It was easy to set my helper up with JiPay, and now we both stay ahead of how much money the prepaid card has on it. If she knows she’s going to do a big amount of shopping, I can just do an easy PayNow transfer! She doesn’t need to carry a lot of cash, and I don’t need to acquire it!” says Kristen.

Cashless payments Singapore - JiPay

Know where your money is going

JiPay also makes paper receipts and statements a thing of the past, as the app lists every transaction made through the card, allowing you to track where and how your helper is spending the money. It’s a great way to track and observe your spending patterns, says Kristen, adding, “It shows where you have spent money, so you can see trends over time (weekly and monthly!) and the vendors where the money was spent.”

Exceptional customer service

The customer experience lies at the heart of JiPay. The customer service team is easy to reach, and they listen to every customer, using the feedback to build features that elevate the user experience. Unlike other cashless payment systems, your JiPay card also arrives in one to two working days.

“Since we’ve started using JiPay, one of the co-founders, Dayana, has periodically checked in to see if everything is working well and if I have any questions,” says Kristen. If my card balance is low and a transaction doesn’t go through, I’ve gotten a message right then and I’ve been able to top up the card to make sure my helper can make her purchase.”

The first JiPay card is totally free – you won’t be billed for any upfront or monthly fees! – and supplemental cards come with a monthly $3 charge. Your basic JiPay plan also comes with three free top-ups per month, plus a $0.50 charge per subsequent top-up. JiPay allows you to obtain multiple cards if you have more than one helper or if you’d like to give your child a card, too. JiPay is also currently working on incorporating PayNow payments into the app, so your helper can use that option to pay for purchases at stores or even at wet markets, where card payments aren’t accepted.

Want to try JiPay for your family? Download the app to get started!

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