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Lunchbox Envy: Organic & Nutritious School Lunches

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If there was a Singapore family-friendly restaurants hall of fame, spots like Brussels Sprouts and Picotin just might be the first inductees. Parents love the high-quality, wholesome ingredients, while kiddies go bonkers for the super-tasty food. Who wouldn’t want their child to eat so well every day of the week?

You’re in luck, mamas! Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, the culinary force behind these veritable institutions (and many others), also heads up the cafeteria and catering services at Stamford American International School, and boy do those kids eat well!

Knowing mamas everywhere are strapped to put together healthy, tasty lunches that are also quick and economical, Chef Stroobant has shared some of his favourite lunch box ideas and prepared a handy shopping list and recipe tool for each box. These truly put our old paper bag lunches to shame!


Ingredients are healthy and fresh; almost everything can be picked up at your local wet market, mama!

Download Ingredients Shopping List + Recipes:
Italian Lunchbox | Japanese Bento Lunchbox | American Lunchbox | Asian Lunchbox

chef stroobant_SAIS

Lucky Stamford students get to choose from menus like these every day! There’s a major focus on locally-sourced, organic ingredients (they’ve been found to build a foundation leading to improved concentration skills and increased learning potential, dontcha know): all meats are sourced directly from the best butchers in Singapore, and in fact more than 25% of all ingredients are organic.

Each balanced 3-course menu (yes, 3 courses!) includes fruit, vegetables, minerals and proteins to ensure kids are primed for learning. Even picky eaters are accounted for with tasty soups and desserts that have been cleverly loaded with fruits and veggies! To find out more about Stamford’s innovative food program, click here.

Why not see the culinary magic Chef Stroobant is working for yourself with a visit to Stamford? Find out more about its approach to child nutrition and meet him at the next open house on Friday March 20thRegister here, mama!

And be sure to check out Emmanuel Stroobant’s newest restaurant, Blue Lotus. We can’t eat like kings like our lucky kids can, but it’s the next best thing!

Stamford American International School
1 Woodleigh Lane (off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore 357684
Tel: (+65) 6653 2947

Brought to you in partnership with Stamford American International School

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