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How to Strengthen Your Child’s Mother Tongue: Language Enrichment Programme at GESS

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It’s always a worry that your child may lose touch with their mother tongue after years abroad… fret not though, mama – GESS can help with their Language Enrichment Programme from Russian to Japanese, Italian and Dutch!

There’s so much culture and familiarity tied to one’s native language, not to mention how speaking one’s mother tongue can help kiddos preserve their identities while living abroad. So we know how worrying it can be to know that your child may not get the chance to speak their mother tongue or parent language when they’re in school, mama.

To encourage the use of your mother tongue, GESS has been running a unique Language Enrichment Programme (LEP) since 2015, intended to enable Primary School students to use their family languages beyond just the confines of home. Over 11 languages are offered in the programme, including Dutch, Danish, Russian, Japanese and Turkish among others. Not only will students build fluency in their home languages, but they’ll begin to better recognise and celebrate diversity across the school!

Taught by experienced teachers and facilitators at GESS, LEP is carried out by creating an immersive environment with the use of authentic language-focused activities to make students feel more comfortable with the language. Activities include interactive games, storytelling, arts and crafts, drama, music, cooking and more. For example, during an Italian language class, the teacher leads the students through a slime-making session and the students are required to follow the instructions in Italian. How immersive and fun does that sound!?

The programme is offered as a weekly 90-minute language enrichment course, of which parents can select from a menu of course options and register online for the new academic year. GESS’s upcoming Dairy Farm Road campus has targeted facilities such as language pods and clusters with suitable spatial settings for languages to come alive. All the new facilities will continue to support the goal of having a well-rounded and authentic approach to language learning in GESS.

Want to know more about the LEP, new campus and other programmes at GESS, mama? Register for their upcoming Open House happening on 15 November now! You’ll get to discover the school’s curricular offerings (English IB Programme and German Curriculum), join a school tour and mingle with other parents and students, listen to expert talks, and get insights into the upcoming state-of-the-art campus opening in August 2018.

See you there!

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