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‘I can do it myself!’ Outdoor Camps That Teach Kids Independence, Confidence and Problem-solving Skills

Outdoor Camps That Teach Kids Independence, Confidence and Problem-Solving
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We all want our kids to be happy and confident in themselves. But how can we nurture them to have a can-do attitude and be willing to take on challenges and risks? Could adventure in nature be the answer?

Tired of your kid’s continuous demands to watch TV or game online? We’ve found something to keep them busy outdoors in nature whilst learning important life skills! Outdoor School Singapore gives young children from 4 to 9 years old, a chance to prove that it is never too early to learn life skills like being independent, confidence building, problem-solving and risk-taking. And the best part is that all these skills are taught through adventurous experiences in nature at fun drop-off camps!

Outdoor School Singapore offers a wide variety of 3-day, 2-day and 1-day camps throughout the year for both MOE school holidays and international school holidays. What we love about these camps is that they are child-led programmes facilitated by trained and experienced instructors. The ratios are great (1:8) and allows educators to give children a chance to take the lead when outdoors, from navigating around the park and organising friends to solving missions to taking care of their own meals and wellbeing. In this way, they get to hone life skills like resilience and communication – important for transitioning from preschool to primary school.

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Outdoor school singapore holiday camps
Holiday camps at Outdoor School Singapore

In the Young Hikers Camp, kids get to put into practice outdoor survival skills – they will learn how to spot animals’ homes and learn what to do if they come across wildlife like wild boars. In the Water Trekkers Camp, kids will learn about water systems and water safety, conduct science experiments and make simple tools to participate in water activities to discover the interrelationships between water and wildlife. In the Kampong Kakis camp, their leadership skills will be put to the test as they navigate around Pulau Ubin by gathering clues from their conversations with the residents. From full-day camps to overnight camps, these outdoor nature programmes challenge kids and help them develop a can-do attitude.

Camps are categorised into different difficulty levels so you can choose a camp that best suits your child’s comfort level and they can then progress through the different levels every time they return. Educators here make sure that there’s something different every season so that even the keenest campers can look forward to new adventures when they return to camp! For first dibs on the newest adventures like a daycation or staycation, make sure to join their mailing list!

Outdoor school singapore holiday camps

Aside from the practical and life skills that kids will learn, they are also benefiting from physical exercise outdoors, getting some Vitamin D from the sunshine (though they’re encouraged to bring hats!) as well as getting the benefits of being out in nature!

So if you are looking for something fun for your kids to get involved in during the school holidays, don’t miss out on booking these adventure holiday camps for kids! Register here now.

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Outdoor School Singapore, 229 Mountbatten Road, #01-04 Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398007, Tel: (+65) 9821 1830, [email protected]

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