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This International School Feels ‘more like a Google office than a classroom’

child-centered learning at nexus international school which has modern, flexible classrooms
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What do you look for in an international school in Singapore, mama? Diversity? Top-quality teaching? State-of-the-art facilities? All of the above? 

Nexus International School ticks all of those boxes and then some: students come from over 50 different countries. Good thing the staff can speak 25 different languages! And Nexus has recently spent $230 million creating a new school based on flexibility and adapting to each child’s learning style. Even classrooms are flexible, looking more like a Google office than a traditional classroom space.

nexus international school emphasises inquiry-based learning that's fun and hands-on

Come visit the campus and see for yourself, mama: tours are given by Nexus students themselves, providing a refreshingly honest (and earnest) look at what daily life is like at this truly child-centered school.

Along the way you’ll tour the campus, meet the teachers, and see firsthand the school’s dedication to developing new teaching models that support inquiry-based learning. This is the kind of place where kids have so much fun cracking codes to get into locked boxes that they barely realize it’s actually Maths. Where creating 3D heart models helps children better grasp Biology.

there are over 90 ccas for students at nexus international school including taekwondo

All this learning – and fun – extends way beyond the classroom, too: Nexus offers over 90 CCAs, from Taekwondo to Dungeons & Dragons. This is a school that prides itself on its sense of community, and truly strives to offer something for everyone.

Ready to find out more and see what all the buzz is about? Visit Nexus International School’s upcoming Open Day on Saturday 6 October!

 If you apply on the day, application fees will be waived (a saving of $856)! Click here to RSVP!


Nexus International School, 201 Ulu Pandan Road, Singapore 596468, Tel: (+65) 6536 6566,

Brought to you in partnership with Nexus International School

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