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Why Parents Love NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool: Holistic Curriculum, Affordable Prices & More

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If there’s one thing NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool prides itself on, it’s their quality and holistic curriculum at an affordable price

NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool is a sought-after preschool for little ones between the ages of 2 months and 6 years. The reason so many parents are excited about this preschool is the great combination of a quality and holistic curriculum taught by award-winning teachers at an affordable price. Children at My First Skool are empowered through a pedagogical approach called PETAL – Playing, Exploring, Thinking, and Applying Learning – designed to challenge and hone thinking skills, self-exploration and discovery as children learn.

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Quality and holistic curriculum for well-balanced learning

My First Skool’s quality and holistic curriculum comprises six primary learning domains: Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Motor Skills Development, Aesthetics and Creative Expression as well as Social and Emotional Development. More importantly, My First Skool also offers special niche subjects such as STEM, arts and nature learning. Its centres have learning stations that are equipped with tech-enabled toys, allowing children to develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

User-friendly Apple technology is also utilised to complement various classroom activities. Here, children can grasp a rudimentary concept of programming and coding early on by using a series of commands to navigate apps such as Lightbot, Ozobot and Code Warriors.

Parents are welcome to join children at these learning stations and in relevant workshops to ensure that children can continue learning at home. Furthermore, My First Skool’s teachers are also trained to design fun STEM-based education programmes for the class.

Part of My First Skool’s quality and holistic education includes the Arts where art lesson plans have been co-developed by teaching artists and pre-school teachers. Teachers expose children to various art materials and techniques and use the art to teach how to think out of the box and problem solve. Once budding artists have finished their masterpieces, these are showcased around the preschools to inspire others. The holistic education doesn’t stop there though! Teachers use children’s finished artwork to further their learning, transforming the art into activity games that teach literacy, science and math.

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Parents of preschoolers attending My First Skool give the preschool glowing reviews. Karen, mother to My First Skool student Bray says, “I was puzzled when my son came home and told me about his fun field trip, but I soon realised he was referring to the virtual field trip his teacher had organised so the class could explore Mars. I thought it was pretty cool, as they were introduced to the Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter, they collected information about Martian rocks by sending a sequence of commands to the Mars Rover and they learnt about the Earth’s structure and surface, too, all through these learning booths that extend learning.”

A commitment to excellence

My First Skool’s commitment towards providing little ones with a well-balanced education has been recognised by both parents and the early childhood education industry. Teachers here have a deep love of teaching, and over the years, many have won multiple awards. These include the SkillsFuture Fellowship, Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Fellows, ECDA Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Development and MOE Awards in the Outstanding Pre-School Chinese Teacher Award (Outstanding Award) and the Pre-school Chinese Language Storytelling Aids Competition categories.

Furthermore, 100% of their eligible centres are SPARK-certified with quality standards in areas such as Curriculum, Pedagogy and Health, Hygiene & Safety awarded by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) – another positive nod to My First Skool’s commitment towards excellence.

My First Skool classroom

Hygiene is a priority at My First Skool, and each centre’s learning environment is always kept clean and safe. Additionally, all of their centres are equipped with commercial-grade UV sterilisers, which are used to sterilise the toys, stationery and kitchen utensils.

“My daughters are officially back to school after two months of home-based learning. Parents were updated on the curriculum and a virtual classroom tour illustrated how social distancing measures will be put in place. Additionally, there was an online session with the Principal who addressed concerns and queries from all the parents. It gave me a peace of mind that the school is well-prepared and ready to receive the children in the safest environment,” says Charlene, mother to students Chanelle and Cayla.

How affordable is NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool?

A good education doesn’t have to be inaccessible, and NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool commits to this belief by providing infant care and childcare services via its 145 centres islandwide. They are also keeping its fees affordable. The monthly childcare fees are capped at $720 and parents only need pay $420 before GST after a $300 working-mother subsidy. The affordable school fees are part of My First Skool’s social mission, and it even has a Bright Horizons Fund that provides financial support, learning and well-being programmes for students from lower-income families.

If you are interested to know more about NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool or you are keen to look around any of their locations, then hop on a virtual school tour at your convenience. Until September 30, you’ll receive NTUC Fairprice vouchers worth $50 when you enrol your child at selected My First Skool centres.

NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool, [email protected], Tel: +(65) 6509 7887,

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