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Movies for Kids: ‘Born in China’

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Who doesn’t love pandas?! Get your fill of nature with this kid-friendly, documentary-style film from Disney that’s just come out in Singapore

I recently took my 10-year-old daughter to the preview of this very cute documentary style screening of Born in China, a Disneynature production.

Similar to Planet Earth but for a younger audience, Born in China takes you through the life of three animal families: a doting panda mother bear and her baby, a two year old snub-nosed monkey and his mischievous encounters, and a mother snow leopard with her two young cubs.

Narrated by the actor John Krasinski (best known for the American TV show The Office), film is all about the circle of life and living in the harsh environments deep in rural China.

Depicting the reality of life for these three families, it will have you laughing in parts, with some heartfelt moments where both you and your kids will come to really adore these animals.

Featuring stunning imagery that has no doubt taken a long time to put piece together, the film navigates China’s vast terrain—from the cold mountains to the heart of the bamboo forest—on the wings of China’s infamous red-crowned cranes, which tie the tales of the three families together.

My daughter Maya loved it, as she could relate to what each animal was going through. The baby panda learning how to climb a tree and falling off again and again, the monkey’s feeling of displacement when his baby sister was born, and feeling the unbelievable love and protection from the snow leopard mummy. It was a really nice change to watching a typical Disney or Pixar animated movie. Very educational, yet captivating and interesting for kids of all ages.

Born in China opened to the public on 17th August and is showing exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes. Click here for locations and showtimes!

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