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IPC Schools and Guide to International Primary Curriculum in Singapore

international primary curriculum singapore ipc schools
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Here’s our guide to the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) programme, what it means and where to find IPC Schools in Singapore!

Always wanted to know about the International Primary Curriculum (IPC)? Here’s where we break down the deets on this rigorous curriculum. And if you want to weigh all your options and find out about other curricula, you can always check out our Guide to International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools in Singapore, Ultimate Guide to Montessori in Singapore and our comprehensive Guide to the Best Preschools in Singapore!

What is IPC?

The International Primary Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum based on the English National Curriculum adapted for international schools, with reference to the IB inquiry-based approach to learning. The IPC is usually implemented for 5 to 11-year-olds, with a creative, thematic approach to teaching and encourages students to research and ask questions. Students are usually assessed in subjects such as Art, Geography, History, Computing, Music, Physical Education, Science, Technology and International.

What’s different about IPC?

The thoughtfully designed IPC has many benefits, including comprehensive learning and parental involvement. Keep scrolling to find out how the schools below incorporate IPC for their students to get the best performance out of each child!

IPC Schools in Singapore

There are only a select amount of IPC schools in Singapore.

international primary curriculum ipc schools singapore st joseph's institution sjii

St. Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School

SJII adopts the International Primary Curriculum for its clear philosophy, pedagogy and process, all aimed at improving children’s learning. Children develop the skills to be enquirers, communicators and collaborators with their learning – developing a greater sense of themselves and others in the process. Through inquiry, students develop a deeper connection with their own nationality and culture and, at the same time, a growing understanding of the culture and challenges of others. The IPC is used intentionally at SJII from their Early Years programme all the way up to Upper Elementary. Students will delve into topical issues, global concerns and moral implications in Upper Elementary, using higher-order thinking skills that require them to apply key scientific, historical or geographical ideas to wider contexts. SJII’s Grade 6 classes transition from the IPC thematic approach to learning within discrete subjects in the areas of Science and Humanities. Together with the IPC, students learn under the MOE Singapore Mathematics syllabus, while the Language Arts curriculum incorporates programmes from the UK and the Workshop approach from the United States. For Humanities and Science, we follow the IPC. Chinese is a daily subject for all students, and Spanish is offered as an alternative in Grades 5 and 6. SJII also uses the PASS (Pupil Attitude to Self and School) survey to identify obstacles that may be impeding student potential and informs their daily interactions and further intervention needed.

St. Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School, 490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191,

international primary curriculum ipc international schools singapore invictus

Invictus International School

Invictus offers the International Primary Curriculum from Grade 1 Prep to Grade 6 (aged 5 to 12) and uses it for its flexibility. The school adapts it to children’s interests and level of understanding, and integrates it with other curricula to ensure students are meeting statutory requirements in a creative and engaging way. Assessment is done by teachers and children to help engage them with learning, and understand their level of skills and knowledge. At Invictus, the IPC is supplemented with the Singapore Mathematics method of instruction. This world-renowned method serves to further accelerate the development of students’ skills in mathematics, ensuring that they are well-positioned for challenges in the future. The Centrium campus’s bilingual primary school also ties the IPC with a rigorous Mandarin immersion programme to help develop effective multilingual abilities.

Invictus International School
Dempsey Hills, 73 Loewen Road, #01-21, Singapore 248843, Tel: (+65) 6259 3877,  [email protected],
Centrium Square, 320 Serangoon Road, Level 6, Singapore 218108, Tel: (+65) 6271 6088, [email protected],

international primary curriculum grange institution

The Grange Institution

The Grange Institution is the first international school in Singapore to offer a combination of the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum for students age five to twelve. The school’s Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE), Art, Music and Technology specialist subject teachers have their own stand-alone curriculum to deliver, yet constantly make authentic links to the IPC Units of Learning. Their Japanese and Mandarin Languages curriculum further strengthens the delivery of the IPC by making important cultural and historical connections to foster a deeper understanding of international-mindedness. The renowned Cambridge Primary Curriculum emphasises literacy, comprehension and communication. Each curriculum framework for English, Mathematics and Science is designed to engage learners for an active and creative learning journey. Along with that, students are able to engage in host and home country comparative studies that not only help them stay connected and understand their own native cultures and countries, but also to better appreciate the social, physical and man-made environments and way of life in Singapore. Regular sharing of the student portfolio of work, parent-student-teacher conferences and semester report cards are all an essential part of the assessment and reporting process.

The Grange Institution is currently running a promo of $2,000 off enrolment fees if you enrol before 31 August 2021! Their school fees have also been reduced.

The Grange Institution, 449 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 805946,

ipc schools singapore winstedt

The Winstedt School

The Winstedt School is an independent, family-owned, international school that prioritises differentiated learning. Winstedt offers bespoke and inclusive education for diverse learners. The School’s innovative pedagogical approaches to differentiated learning is also reflected in the way it delivers the IPC. The IPC at The Winstedt School is unique. Each child has a ‘team’ of specialists working with IPC teachers to guide and accelerate the learning journey of each student. The IPC teachers collaborate closely with the specialist teachers (PE, Speech and Drama, STEAM, Art, Language & Culture and Music) to explore ways to integrate the unit completely into all subjects. In this way, the students are immersed in the theme. The teachers are inspired to be creative in their own subject and at the same time, this collaboration deepens the creativity to allow students more opportunities to explore, make connections and love learning. In addition, Winstedt’s team of Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists join IPC lessons to help students generalise skills they are learning in groups into the classroom. The Pastoral Care Team guides the teachers to integrate a Growth Mindset into IPC lessons so that the students understand the importance of learning from their mistakes, the power of ‘not yet’, and the need for effort in order to succeed. IPC at Winstedt is easily and comprehensively integrated with Edexcel Maths and Edexcel Literacy which are also based on the UK National curriculum. Winstedt adopts a constructivist approach that encourages learning from a variety of sources. The students conduct continuous self-assessments to measure their progress frequently using a range of guided questions and using skills from the IPC Learning Goals.

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The Winstedt School, 1208 Upper Boon Keng Road, Singapore, 387312,

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS)

SMMIS teaches through the enquiry-based International Primary Curriculum for Grades 1-5. In lower Secondary School (Grades 6-8), SMMIS continues with the International Middle Years Programme (IMYC) before offering the Cambridge IGCSE qualifications in Grades 9-10. The IPC and IMYC are both incredibly versatile and adaptable curricula which SMMIS blends with British National Curriculum Literacy and Singapore Mathematics. IPC covers the sciences, social studies, history and geography, while centred on an engaging big theme so that students learn these subjects and related skills through building strong connections between disciplines. SMMIS connects and integrates literacy, numeracy, art, music, technology and PE within each IPC unit. Students develop not only academic knowledge and understanding but also develop their character through the eight integrated IPC personal goals: Enquiry, Resilience, Morality, Communication, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Respect and Adaptability. Each grade covers four themed IPC units per academic year, such as “Saving the World” in which they explore the world’s rainforests and deforestation. Learning is fun at SMMIS – there’s even an IPC unit on Chocolate, which includes researching the history of the cacao bean, the geography and climate of where it is grown, as well as the origins of our love of chocolate. Students make their own chocolate, visit a chocolate factory and enjoy a chocolate tasting too!

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School, 3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang, Singapore 758932, Tel: (+65) 6331 4633,

Other IPC schools in Singapore offering the International Primary Curriculum:

– Dynamics International School
– Hollandse School
– Knightsbridge House International School
– Middleton International School Bukit Timah & Tampines
– Overseas Family School
– Razum International School

References: Which School Advisor, Calgary Preschools This article contains paid partnership content

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