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Could Wet Wrap Therapy be the Answer to Kids’ Eczema Flare-ups?

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Applying creams and eliminating certain foods is a common approach to relieving kids’ eczema, but have you heard of wet wrap therapy as an eczema treatment?

Eczema is a skin condition that’s common in kids and adults alike. In kids especially, it can be very heartbreaking and frustrating for parents to watch our little ones struggle with itchy and dry, inflamed skin! It unfortunately cannot be cured, but with adequate and appropriate education and partnering closely with an experienced doctor, eczema can be controlled well. We chat with Dr Lynette Lee, Founder and Medical Director of The Skincare Clinic, who has been working in KK Hospital’s Dermatology service since 2015 with a big focus on eczema management in children. She shares some of the best ways to manage eczema in kids, and explains more about wet wrap therapy – a proven eczema treatment she often recommends to patients.

With eczema, one of the few simple measures you can take at home is to apply bland moisturisers every day and night, even when there is no active eczema rash. This ensures you’re keeping your skin barrier healthy, thus preventing eczema flares. When eczema hits, it’s also best to treat it early as it can be more difficult to deal with it when it becomes severe. Identifying and avoiding the triggers for your eczema flares (this can be determined with the help of a dermatologist) will also help you to control it.

Wet wrap therapy is one of the most powerful eczema treatments available to combat very dry skin and extensive eczema flares. It’s useful for both widespread eczema and also for more localised flares, including over the limbs or face.

Wet Wrap Therapy Eczema Treatment

Wet wrap therapy involves applying a moisturiser and covering the inflamed areas with wet dressings, such as gauze, to hydrate your skin and prevent scratching. It’s often incorporated into one’s eczema treatment plan to manage eczema flares and ease symptoms. It’s like a hydrating spa for your skin!

Benefits of Wet Wrap Therapy

Wet wrap therapy has many benefits, including a decrease in staph bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) found on your skin, and reducing redness and inflammation. The treatment provides a soft layer of protection that locks in moisture and helps to soothe, calm, and rehydrate skin. Most importantly, it increases the effectiveness of topical medications, such as steroid creams, and hence, reduces the use of steroid creams.

Wet wrap therapy is a tried and tested regime for patients with eczema, and helps to:

  • Cool your skin
  • Help topical medications/treatments work better
  • Help you sleep better
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Reduce inflammation and redness
  • Reduce staph bacteria on your skin
  • Relieve itching and reduces scratching

However, for parents, wet wrap therapy can also be time-consuming and frustrating. Oftentimes, patients with extensive eczema flares have to be admitted to hospital just for wet wraps. Now there’s an easier solution as The Skincare Clinic is the first medical clinic in Singapore that provides outpatient Wet Wrap Therapy services, to cater to babies, children and even adults, who require more intensive care for their dry skin.

Before starting wet wrap therapy, it’s best to see a doctor who is trained in the treatment to assess your suitability. They can teach you the correct technique, tell you how often to do it, and advise you on which type of topical products to use on your child.

Wet Wrap Therapy at The Skincare Clinic

The Skincare Clinic team has been trained by Dr Lynette Lee and dermatology nurses to care for eczema patients, including babies from 6 months old. Being a mother of a child with eczema and other allergies, and having eczema herself, Dr Lynette Lee can empathise with patients and their families.

The treatment begins with a hydrotherapy spa in the clinic for a relaxing soak, followed by a massage of emollients over the affected areas before ending off with a wet wrap treatment and finally, a warm cup of tea, or milo for the kids!

The first consultation usually takes around 30 minutes to thoroughly and patiently go through eczema management and protocols. During the consultation, Dr Lynette will come up with a tailored Eczema Treatment Plan and go through the details with you so you are empowered to better care for your child’s skin condition at home.

The Skincare Clinic operates six days a week from Mondays to Saturdays, 10am to 6pm, with night clinic appointment slots till 8pm – so helpful for working parents who can’t make it to appointments during the day!

Consultations for eczema are $50 and Wet Wrap Therapy starts from $60. Book a consultation with Dr Lynette Lee today!

The Skincare Clinic, Camden Medical, 1 Orchard Boulevard #06-05, Singapore 248649, Tel: (+65) 8866 0605,

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