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Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: A Singapore Classic with Kids

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jacob_ballas_dcgJacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a bit of a Singapore classic — it’s on every visiting mama’s must-do list, but I’m embarrassed to confess I actually hadn’t made it there to check it out until recently, partly because every time I considered it, the heavens opened, and we were off to an indoor playroom instead! The rainy season has finally ended though, so we braved the outing, well-warned that we should bring mosquito repellant, suncream, hat, bathing suit, bucket and spade… and just for good measure, we decided to bring along our little scooter too. So we were well-prepared, and loaded down like pack mules as well!

Make sure if you’re taking a taxi that you tell the driver you want to go to the Jacob Ballas Garden specifically, or you might find yourself dropped at a gate miles away, whereas the Children’s garden has its own entrance near the NUS.

photo (30)Once our friends arrived we realized scooters are actually not allowed in the Children’s garden, so we had to park them with all the other scooters similarly abandoned (note: no bikes either!). We then headed through the gate to explore!

The garden is arranged in a circular shape, with a round path going past the different play areas. There’s a big sand pit with play structures that are a bit more suited to older kids (4+), then a little maze-type area, tree house and then a water play area. We settled by the water play area (it’s not a pool, more a flat, concrete space with various jets and fountains for little ones to run through). It’s great for toddlers and babes, and it’s actually quite refreshing for mama too (as don’t think you’ll get away with just sitting on the sidelines – expect to get wet!). There aren’t quite enough benches, and the area is a little small for the volume of people who kept coming in. You’ll also need to mediate a bit in various scraps about whose bucket/watering can/spade is being played with by which child…

photo (31)It’s probably best for a morning jaunt, and to avoid at weekends. The amazing thing about it though is that it’s totally free, with convenient parking, and easy feeding possibilities, so it’s still a great option for a fun outing if you’re scratching your head about how to entertain the kiddos.

Sassy Mama Tip: Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden run lots of fun-looking events for kids year-round. Check out what’s coming up on their website!

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, 481 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259769 (entrance via NUS Bukit Timah Campus Carpark)
Tel: (+65) 6471 9927

Opening Hours: 8am – 7pm Tuesday – Sunday (closed Mondays!). For children under 14 years. All children must be accompanied by an adult.



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