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Another Day Off School? Boost Your Child’s Immunity (& Brain) with Redoxon’s Immuno Range!

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Do your kids feel under the weather often? Boost their immunity (and support healthy brain development) with Redoxon Kids Immunosmarty and Immuno products packed with Choline, 100% organic Black Elderberry and Zinc. Find out how to get 15% off!

Are you tired of getting calls from your child’s school because they are feeling under the weather, again? Though it takes time for our little ones to build up their immune system, what can parents do to give them a little boost? Aside from ensuring they’re eating a well-balanced diet and getting good sleep, there’s one more thing you could try! Singapore’s much-loved vitamin brand, Redoxon offers a range of support for the whole family. Redoxon Kids Immuno gives kids the essential immunity boost they need, while Immunosmarty provides the 2-in-1 support that your child’s growing immune system and brain need, thanks to the addition of Choline.

Immunity and brain development go hand in hand

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Most parents focus on loading up the kids with vitamin C to protect their health. But you might not realise that a child’s immunity and cognitive function are interconnected and play a crucial role in your child’s health and development in the early years. Good immunity enables a child’s normal cognitive and brain development by empowering them to receive and respond to stimulation with ease, so they can continue to learn and grow as they should. During the preschool years, your child’s brain will have achieved 90% of its adult volume before the age of 6.

Redoxon Kids Immunosmarty provides 2-in-1 benefits of supporting both immunity and brain function. It contains 100% organic Black Elderberry with Zinc and Choline to unlock your child’s potential. All three ingredients support healthy growth and physical development. Black Elderberry has immunity-boosting properties to support your child’s natural defences and recover quicker, while Choline is essential for brain development and proven to improve and enhance attention, learning and memory retention.

Specially formulated for kids aged 2 to 12

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You might be wondering if supplements are safe for kids, since many are made with artificial colours and preservatives. Both Redoxon Kids Immuno and Immunosmarty are specially formulated for kids aged 2 to 12 – they are free from sugar, artificial colours and preservatives, and they are also vegan-friendly and halal certified! If your child detests taking anything that resembles medicine, fret not – they will love the delicious fruity berry liquid that tastes like juice!

Get 15% Off Redoxon’s Immuno and Immmunosmarty products

Rich in Black Elderberry, Zinc and Choline, Redoxon Kids Immunosmarty has all the good nutrients your child needs for a healthy childhood. If you’re ready to boost your child’s immune system so they don’t miss another day of learning and playing, order Redoxon’s Immuno and Immunosmarty products on Shopee and get them delivered straight to your doorstep!

Quote BAYER15F to get 15% off the new Redoxon Kids Immunosmarty and other Immuno products on Shopee.

Redoxon, available for in-store purchase at Guardian, Watsons, Fairprice Unity and online at Shopee and Lazada,

Brought to you in partnership with Redoxon

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