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3 Signs Your Child is Nearsighted & Best Solutions at Lenskart

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Myopia is a silent vision killer in young children. Here are three signs your child might be nearsighted plus find out how to get myopia control lenses and frames for just $200 (U.P. $325) at Lenskart.

Though Singapore’s economy is booming, we are sadly known as the myopia capital of the world. An astonishing 60% of children in Singapore are myopic by the age of 12, and your child could be one of them. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, often develops when young children do not take a break from near-work activities for an extended period of time, resulting in the shift of the focal point to the front of the retina. When this occurs, close objects are clear while distant objects appear blurred or fuzzy.

Since myopia is irreversible, it’s crucial to teach your child to practice healthy eye habits and look out for signs of myopia. In the ongoing battle against myopia, Lenskart is a one-stop shop that offers free eye tests and affordable solutions for kids of all ages.

Three signs to spot your child’s myopia

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1. Squinting or closing one eye to see better
When you’re on the couch watching a movie with your child, do you ever notice them squinting or closing one eye to see better? Squinting creates a ‘pin-hole’ effect which improves the clarity of an object so your child can temporarily clear up blurry vision.

2. Holding objects close to their face
Since myopia causes distant objects to be blurry, children with myopia often hold books and screens closer to their face than normal. They may also try to sit closer to the TV so they can watch their show clearly.

3. Frequent eye rubbing or headaches 
When the eyes aren’t functioning properly, seeing things at a distance can cause eye strain and fatigue, resulting in frequent eye rubbing and headaches. When tears are released into the eyes from eye rubbing, it may temporarily provide clearer vision, but it can cause long-term damage to the eyes.

Take your child for a free eye test at Lenskart

We only have one pair of eyes, so it’s important to protect our vision as much as possible. Since children may not easily verbalise eye strain or vision issues, it is crucial to get their eyes checked regularly, so you can treat myopia early in your child, which will slow down myopia progression. At Lenskart, you won’t have to worry about hard sales (no one likes that!). Simply pop by with your child and request for a free, professional no-questions-asked eye test on the spot!

Get a pair of myopia lenses and frame for $200 at Lenskart

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If your child already has myopia, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world! Though most myopia control solutions are very costly or invasive (like overnight control contact lenses), Lenskart believes that every child should have access to affordable and least invasive myopia control solutions. As Asia’s largest eyewear and optical specialist with more than 1,500 frame designs, your child will be spoiled for choice. Plus, we love that they offer some of the most affordable solutions in town so you can slow down your child’s myopia progression in style without breaking the bank! They offer a one-year warranty and a wonderful Gold Membership programme that allows you to enjoy a buy-one-get-one-free deal as well.

Purchase a pair of myopia lenses and frames for just $200 (U.P. $325)! No minimum spend. Promotion ends on 31 August 2024.

So, head to your nearest Lenskart branch for a free eye test today so you can keep myopia at bay!

Lenskart, 24 stores in Singapore including Yishun, Suntec City, Jurong Point and Marine Parade,

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