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Tried and Tested: Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste and Kids’ Dental Products

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We LOVE these all natural toothpastes, toothbrushes, and kids’ dental care products from Aussie brand Jack N’ Jill!

On the heels of our guide to children’s and family dentists, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about promoting healthy dental habits with my toddler. When she started getting teeth between 9 months and 1 year old, I wanted the gentlest, yet most effective, toothpaste and toothbrush I could find to start getting her into the routine of nightly toothbrushing.

On a tip from some other Sassy Mamas, I came across Jack N’ Jill, an Australian natural oral care brand specially made for babies, toddlers and children. Using only natural and organic ingredients – even the cute, colourful packaging is recyclable and BPA-free! – it’s the only kids’ oral care brand recognised by the world-authority Environmental Working Group (EWG) with a danger score of 1 – the safest rating possible.

The colourful rainbow of cute, child-sized tubes of toothpaste aren’t just fun for little hands to grab; they’re flavoured with organic blueberry, strawberry, banana, raspberry and blackcurrant that are also sugar-free, colour-free, SLS-free, Gluten free and completely devoid of artificial preservatives. It’s also rich in organic calendula that’s perfect for soothing little gums that might be sore from teething.

Maggie loves that time of night after dinner when it’s time to go upstairs to brush her teeth; I actually have to keep the toothpaste out of reach because she would try to snack on it, otherwise (she says raspberry is her favourite flavour).

Jack N’ Jill also recently introduced a new range of children’s toothbrushes that are first in the world to have handles made from Non-GMO cornstarch, which in fact renders them biodegradable and recyclable. Score! Each toothbrush features a cute character (including a bunny, hippo, dinosaur, or koala) that’s a total hit with toddlers (and a refreshing respite from the Barbies and Disney characters that you’ll find at the drugstore! God forbid my child brush her teeth without being exposed to a trademarked character!).

Jack N’ Jill offers an impressive range of dental products no matter your kiddo’s age. We actually started with the Silicone Finger Brush when Maggie was a baby; it’s BPA-free and extremely gentle (and geared toward babies 6-12 months of age). When she gets a bit older and more adept at brushing her own teeth, I’m keen to try the super-soft Buzzy Brush” Electric Toothbrush, which is BPA, PVC and Pthalate-Free, with a recycled, recyclable non-toxic handle. They’ve also recently introduced all natural gum and tooth wipes for babies – even those without teeth – as a means of preventing harmful bacteria. Bonus: they’re great for cleaning off pacifiers and other objects bubs love putting in their mouths!

Another thing I love about Jack N’ Jill products: they’re widely available all over the island, at shops like Mothercare, Motherswork, and Kiddy Palace, along with websites like Pupsik Studio and iHerb (which has the best prices I’ve seen). Yes they’re a bit pricier than what you’d pick up at the drugstore, but the peace of mind (and the fact that my daughter loves brushing her teeth) are worthy trade-offs, in my opinion!

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