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3 First Aid Kit Essentials (That Fit in Your Handbag) for Everyday Outings

hansaplast first aid essentials
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Do you know the secret to help wounds heal faster and minimise the risk of scars? We share the intel on this plus three must-haves to treat minor wounds that every parent and carer should have on hand for outings and at home!

If you’re the kind of parent that lets their kids race across the park, climb trees, and have fun exploring, good on you! You’ll know though that you can’t (and shouldn’t) wrap kids up in cotton wool but that invariably means a few scrapes and cuts along the way as they learn through play. You can be ready though with the right care so that little wounds don’t become infected and turn into more serious wounds. Hansaplast, an internationally trusted plaster brand with 100 years of expertise in wound care, has three must-have products you can keep in your bag or at home in the first aid kit to ensure proper wound care: Hansaplast Wound Spray, Hansaplast plasters and Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment.

What’s the best way to treat a wound so that it doesn’t get infected and heals fast?

The three simple steps of wound care are:

1. CLEANSE: When the skin is injured, the protective skin barrier is damaged, and dirt and bacteria can enter the body. This can delay the wound healing process and cause wound infections. Wound cleansing removes dirt and bacteria from the damaged skin. It is the first step to optimal wound healing.

Hansaplast Wound Spray is a pain-free* and effective way to cleanse wounds from dirt and bacteria and prevent wound infections. It is free of alcohol and does not cause a stinging sensation during application, which makes it suitable for children and sensitive skin. What’s more, the solution is transparent, so it won’t stain clothing like other tinted products such as Iodine. Hansaplast Wound Spray works well at any angle, which makes it ideal for on-the-go first aid, sports and outdoor activities.

2. PROTECT: Next, protect the wound from dirt and bacteria so it can heal undisturbed. Cover your wound with a plaster or sterile wound dressing. Hansaplast plasters block 99% bacteria* from contact with the wound, which protects it and helps avoid infections so the body’s natural healing mechanisms can do their work unhindered. Hansaplast plasters are durable and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Hansaplast KIDS SENSITIVE plasters are specially developed for gentleness on children’s sensitive skin and easy, painless removal.


3. HEAL: The third step, helps the wound heal safe, fast and with a lower risk of scars. You may have heard somewhere that letting your wound heal in dry air is the best way. Did you know that a moist wound environment helps the wound heal faster than a dry wound environment2? That’s why we recommend using the Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment to support the healing of minor superficial wounds and damaged skin such as cuts, abrasions, scratches, minor burns and cracked skin. Suitable for baby’s skin and damaged, irritated, dry or sensitive skin, Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment builds a breathable protective film that prevents the wound from drying out. This helps wounds to heal up to two times faster as compared to an untreated wound, and reduces the risk of scarring.

Have these products ready in your first aid kit, so that you’ll always be prepared to treat any sudden minor injuries. Ready to stock up? Get your Hansaplast products now at Guardian, Watsons and FairPrice stores nationwide, or online at Shopee or Lazada!


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