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Baring (and shedding) it all: Hair Removal at Estheclinic

estheclinic hair removal
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EstheClinic has come to the rescue of busy (and/or lazy) mamas everywhere with their amazing new hair removal treatments!

Given that we live in a year-round shorts-and-bathing-suits climate here in Singapore, shaving and waxing carry a much greater significance than they would almost anywhere else. Only once in a blue moon do I miss those cold New York winters where I could get a little bit lazy, then I remember how miserable it was trudging through dirty sleet in big heavy boots – give me a monthly waxing appointment over that any day!

And yet at the heart of it all, I am still kind of lazy. Not to mention I’m also pretty busy, just like any mama with an active toddler. So when the fab folks (and I mean fab – does your waxing specialist rock YSL strappy sandals?) at EstheClinic on Tras Street asked if I wanted to try out their brand spanking new MacPeel No Pain IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal treatment, I jumped at the opportunity.


Let me back up a second. In case you’re not familiar with EstheClinic, mama, it’s a popular French chain of high-end beauty clinics with locations across Europe that just arrived in Singapore in 2015. Founded over 20 years ago by two doctors, EstheClinic is all about combining innovative technology with aesthetic medicine, and the brand is so well-regarded they even manufacture their own medical and aesthetic equipment that’s used by spas and dermatologists around the world.

EstheClinic provides a full range of beauty treatments (everything from facials to cellulite reduction), but their most popular procedures are IPL for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation. While IPL has been around for a while now, EstheClinic is on the cutting edge of hair removal technology.

Their new MacPeel treatment is next-level fab, mama: it’s completely painless (you don’t even need numbing cream beforehand!) and twice as fast as traditional IPL systems. It’s also clinically proven to remove 80-90% of hair in 6-10 sessions (results do vary from person to person – fair enough).


Whereas traditional IPL delivers intense little pulsed light zaps, MacPeel uses a hand wand that is gently swept over skin, covering a larger area in a shorter amount of time. As a bonus, it almost feels like a massage! The improved application process makes it the safest option for dark and tanned skins, with the lowest chance of leaving marks or white spots.

When I went in for a bikini treatment, I was in and out in under 15 minutes. I was legitimately shocked at how brief the session was – I actually looked at the clinician and said “Really, that’s it?”

It’s key to remember that results can take up to 7 days. I didn’t realise this at first, so after 3 days when no hair had fallen out I figured it just hadn’t worked for me. I emailed the team for more info, though, and they assured me of the correct timeline. Sure enough, a few days later I noticed a significant amount of hair loss (in a good way!). This is something to keep in mind if you’re going in for treatment in advance of a big trip or something. Also key: shave two days (not one) before treatment. This ensures that the hair is long enough to be sufficiently zapped.

So does IPL work? Yes. Am I a convert? Yes. And am I thrilled at the prospect of fewer waxing appointments and expensive razor purchases? Abso-blooming-lutely!

Treatments start at $150 per session, but prices come in at under $100 if you purchase multi-session packages (worthwhile since most treatments require 6-10 sessions for PERMANENT removal). Compare to paying for monthly waxes for the foreseeable future!

72 Tras Street (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A), Singapore 079011, Tel: (+65) 6221 4797
44 Rochester Park, Singapore 139248, Tel: (+65) 6254 9913
424 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427643, (+65) 6344 0121

Lead image sourced via Pinterest.

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