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GrabFamily: Making Child Car Safety a Priority

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GrabFamily is the FIRST on-demand child booster seat-equipped ride to hit our shores. Read on to find out how you can make your first booking with a discount, because car safety is everything!

How often have you had to book a taxi or private car for you and your little one, but have done so reluctantly due to a lack of car seat, mama? Of course if you’re on the Grab app, you could have waved away that notion back in March thanks to the introduction of GrabFamily, the on-demand child booster seat-equipped ride!

Not only is it infinitely safer to put a child in a car restraint, but Singapore law requires children below 1.35m to ride in a booster or car seat for safety measures. In fact ride share companies have started turning away customers who don’t adhere to the law about children under that height needing appropriate restraints (taxis are exempt from this requirement, but why take the risk?). With GrabFamily, now you can ride safer!

Targeted toward parents who don’t own cars of their own with little ones aged 4 to 7 years old, GrabFamily works exactly like booking a regular 4-seater GrabCar ride, except the car comes with one mifold car booster seat. You’ve heard us rave about the mifold – it’s handy, portable, and fits perfectly in our handbags – so knowing that it costs just $2 per seat makes our wallets sing all the more!

Currently about 3,000 GrabCars having been equipped with one mifold seat each. Have a couple kids in tow? There are plans to expand to provide two or more seats per car and eventually equip even more cars with the booster seats – because safety is the #1 priority!

We’re so excited that we now have the option of riding with our little ones with peace of mind! We’ll be keeping our ears open and our eyes peeled for announcements of more cars with mifold seats, and are keeping our fingers crossed GrabFamily will also roll out options for kiddos under age 4 (at the same great price)!

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