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FWD International Health: Bespoke Borderless Insurance

Bespoke borderless health insurance
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Looking for health insurance but want to pick and choose your plan’s cover?

FWD offers a wide range of online life and general insurance that is fully customisable and is just a click away with both applications and claims being able to be completed online. FWD’s newly launched International Health insurance plan is no different, catering to both expats and Singaporeans alike and providing their customers with access to their choice of world-class medical facilities both in and out of the country.

So how does it work?

FWD International Health comes with a base plan that includes hospitalisation and surgical benefits. Thereafter, you may tweak the plan to what suits you best whether that be adding on Outpatient, Maternity, Dental (scaling and polishing, and major treatments like root canals) and Vision (for frames and corrective lenses). Collectively, FWD’s International Health can provide benefits of up to $3 million per year.

fwd health insurance for any need - fully customisable

Borderless international health cover
FWD International Health is a borderless health insurance plan that allows customers to not only receive treatment outside of Singapore, but also provides them with the flexibility of moving the policy with them should they move to a different country in the future.

Rewards – Double your coverage
FWD International Health is a unique No Claim Bonus that increases a customer’s annual hospitalisation benefit by 50% if there were no claims against the policy in the previous year — effectively doubling coverage after two years. For example, should a customer start with $100,000 as their annual limit, receive $150,000 of coverage in the second year, and $200,000 in
their third year, if no claims were made against the plan. Furthermore, the plan comes with a Reload Benefit – which automatically reboots a customer’s annual limit to its original amount – in the event that the initial limit is exhausted. This additional limit can be used to cover accidental incidents that result in hospitalisation or day-care treatment, up to the coverage end date.

online application and claims with FWD Insurance

Simple online application + claims

So how do you get covered? Aha! Applying for insurance FWD International Health is what makes FWD stand out! They have made the application process quick, simple and very conveniently online. People searching for an International Health Insurance plan can also get a quote by answering 4 quick questions simply by clicking here. It takes under 30 seconds and will ensure that they are able to compare and benefit from FWD’s highly competitive prices.

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