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Do You Want to Know Where Your Child’s Milk Comes From?

FRISO TrackEasy
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FRISO TrackEasy gives parents full transparency on where their milk comes from before it ends up in your child’s cup. Here’s how!

Transitioning to formula milk powders can be the next step for many toddlers – and for some pregnant mums, too – but do you really know what’s in that tin you’re buying, mama? In a time where the ingredients list on most formula milk products comprises lengthy words you cannot pronounce, FRISO TrackEasy is stepping in to ease your concerns with full transparency on where their milk comes from. You like to know where your veggies are grown, where your meat and fish are farmed, so FRISO gets that it’s only natural you’d want to know exactly where your child’s glass of milk comes from too.

FRISO TrackEasy

Cutting-edge tech

FRISO TrackEasy is a new formula milk source tracker that lets you keep tabs on your next serving of FRISO milk from farm to palm. But what does that mean exactly? Easy peasy, mama! You’ll get to walk through FRISO’s formula milk journey from day one. It all starts at the brand’s Dutch-owned farms and follows through to each milk formula tin’s arrival in Singapore.

FRISO TrackEasy

How FRISO TrackEasy works

The technology – a first in Singapore! – utilises a QR code, which you’ll find on all Friso Gold and Frisomum milk powder tins. To see where your tin of milk and its contents have been, simply scan the code and you’ll be instantly transported into FRISO’s dairy farming practices, milk collection, production, quality auditing, and export processes.

It sounds complicated, we know, but these vital bits of information come in easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces. This way, you won’t be left in any doubt about where your child’s next cup of milk comes from, and what has gone into it. How comforting is that? It’s an insider’s peek into FRISO’s milk sources, offering you transparency and showcasing FRISO’s commitment to producing quality formula milk powder for mums and tots in Singapore.

Not only does the FRISO TrackEasy tech offer you peace of mind, but it also empowers you so that you can make better nutrition choices for yourself and your child.

Experience FRISO TrackEasy for yourself! Scan the QR code at the bottom of the Friso Gold with 2′-FL or Frisomum tins and share your experience on Instagram with #FrisoSG and #FrisoFarmtoPalm. Click here to learn more!

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