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FREE Two-Day Parenting Event (17-18 September): Parenting Advice You’ve Been Waiting For!

free parenting event with talks and parent-child workshops (17 - 18 September)
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Don’t miss this free parenting event with talks and workshops where you’ll get tips on how to best parent your unique child!

Are you keen to know the best parenting methods to raise healthy, confident and resilient children? Do you find that your children respond differently to your parenting techniques? No two kids are the same, and the challenges for parents lie in empowering their children to be true to themselves while embracing their individual characteristics and qualities. But how do you know what parenting method works best? Luckily, you’ll find all these answers in an upcoming free two-day parental event: Embracing Individuality – Empowering Parents, Celebrating Children where you’ll be given parenting strategies and tips to motivate, nurture and look after your child’s unique and diverse needs. 

Three reasons you’re going to want to attend this free 2-day parental event:

This two-day event comprises two keynote speaker-led talks plus panel discussions and workshops (which you can attend together with your child).

free parenting event september

1. Expert-led parenting talks

These talks will cover ways you can enhance your relationship with your child and help you gain an insight into aligning your unique characteristics with your child’s diverse needs. Through respectful parenting, discover ways to help your children develop strong moral values, build self-management skills and nurture essential life skills which will help them succeed in the future.

Topic 1: Building Parent-Child Bonds that Last a Lifetime
Speaker: Dr Mercy Karuniah Jesuvadian, Lecturer, Psychology and Child & Human Development, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

  • Building lasting and strong bonds with our children
  • Remaining relevant and supportive through our children’s developmental milestones
  • The importance of observation to understand and connect with your children
  • The essence of demonstrating love (both psychological and physical) and giving attention

Topic 2: Promoting Child Self-regulation through Effective Parenting Strategies
Speaker: Dr Eva Yi Hung Lau, Associate Professor and Associate Head, Department of Early Childhood Education, The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Helping children develop skills associated with learning and behavioural outcomes
  • Parenting strategies that facilitate children’s self-regulation skills
  • Promoting positive social, emotional and behavioural development in children
  • Discovering pathways through which parents can influence children’s development

free parenting event with talks and parent-child workshops (17 - 18 September)

2. Panel discussions led by experts

There will also be a series of panel discussions on topics like ‘Mindful Parenting’ where you’ll get tips on how to manage tantrums and establish boundaries. You will get practical advice on mindful parenting approaches to develop a closer bond with your child.

The other panel topic – ‘Executive Functions and the Early Years’ will cover the importance of building executive function skills in children’s learning and development. Don’t miss the discussion on emotion self-regulation and you can learn some techniques to practise at home. You may also check out other panel topics such as ‘Communicating with your Child’ and ‘Technology in Education’ to gain more insights on strengthening your relationship with your children.

3. Interactive workshops (parent-child workshops)

You can also participate with your child in fun workshop activities such as expressing through story and song, strengthening numeracy skills, promoting executive function skills, and much more!

This is the parenting advice you’ve been waiting for!

Two-day Parental Event: Embracing Individuality – Empowering Parents, Celebrating Children
When: 17 – 18 September 2022

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