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Five awesome things about Singapore’s Little Pods Baby Spa

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We’ve already told you about the Best Baby Swimming Schools in Singapore, mamas, but what about the best baby spas? We recently attended the 1st anniversary celebration for Little Pods, a baby swim and massage centre just off Upper Thompson Road, and have quite possibly never seen babies more relaxed than the two we met that day! Here’s what we discovered:

baby spa_2

1. Parents swear by Little Pods’ ability to treat colic and other digestive issues. Co-founded by a certified baby masseuse with a diploma in aromatherapy, Little Pods is all about helping babies relax while also promoting muscle movement and physical wellbeing. Benefits of baby massage include the strengthening of the immune system and endorphin stimulation, and the trained staff at Little Pods love showing parents the best techniques they can also use at home.


2. Babies as young as one month old can participate. With bubbles, whirlpool jets, soothing lights and heaps of little toys to choose from, the pools provide a complete multi-sensory experience for babies. Using a cute little neck flotation device, they can either paddle around with their arms and legs, or float peacefully on their backs. (We witnessed a 5-month-old actually fall asleep floating because he was just that blissed out!).

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3. Playtime, stretching, swimming and massage are all included. Sessions begin with a relaxed play session in the Little Pods “living room”, followed by a “warm-up stretch” from the centre’s trained staff. Babies then enter the pool (swim diapers are provided), with sessions lasting from 20 minutes all the way up to an hour, depending on their age and comfort level. Finally, they come out for a relaxing massage utilising Little Pods’ house-made, organic oils, customised to treat babies’ individual needs (including colic, sleep and relaxation).

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4. They’re all about cleanliness. The centre offers five individual spa pools and one large pool, each disinfected with all-natural tea tree oil, which is valued for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

5. Hanging out is hard work! The parents of 5-month-old Jerome (who fell asleep floating in the pool and actually snored through his massage) said they love visiting Little Pods because he always sleeps extra well following visits. The mother of 6-month-old Abigail, who giggled through her entire session, raved about its effect on her colic from the age of 2 months. Little Pods’ founders say water-based exercises can strengthen a baby’s heart, motor and cognitive skills, while also instilling self-confidence!

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Our only disappointment upon visiting Little Pods was that parents can’t jump in the giant whirlpool with their bubs, as it looked awfully inviting. All the same we were amazed by the tranquil, happy environment, and would definitely suggest checking Little Pods out, because it’s clear that even babies can benefit from a little spa time!

Little Pods, 3 Thomson Ridge Road, Singapore 674634, Tel: (+65) 6455 6687,

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