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Feeding Time Just Got Easier with Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Drink Liquid Formula

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Calling all you lovely, busy mamas on the go. Please meet: Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Use liquid formula, a solution in more ways than one!

With work schedules and commitments (never mind the need to simply shower and get some rest!), raising your cutie takes more than one caregiver – it truly does take a village, mama.

We all know the stress of leaving someone else to feed your bub – especially if the cheeky monkey decides to resist a feed from anyone but mama. How to get some peace of mind? When it comes to what your kiddos are fed in any given time or place, the Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Use bottle makes feedings a snap with a convenient liquid form that can be used in addition to Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Powder. Rest easy knowing that whoever is taking care of your bubs is providing the same nutritious goodness every time.

Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Use contains the same balanced nutrition as the original powder formula for babies 7 months of age and older, packed with goodness such as protein, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, zinc, Vitamins A and C and DHA. Plus, it’s made and packaged in the U.S.

We all know how tough mixing powder formula can be at certain times of day (or night!), especially when you are on the go. Just picture the hassle of feeding your baby on an airplane, amirite? Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Use helps ease that concern – just shake it up and pour the formula straight into baby’s favourite sippy cup. This also means that your precious little one will get precise nutrition in every drop^ no matter where they are or who is doing the feeding1 – and we all know how much babies love routine and consistency.

With the Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Use bottle there’s no powder mixing, no adding water or warming required. Just shake, pour and feed!

So take note, busy mamas: convenience AND nutrition really do come in a bottle!

Brought to you in partnership with Enfamil A+ Stage 2. ^Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Ready-to-Use is a premixed liquid formula. It minimized variation in feed preparation as it does not require reconstitution. 1Carefully read and follow Instructions for Preparation and Use found on the product label.

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