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Where to Buy Family Travel Insurance in Singapore 2023

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Planning for an upcoming trip? Make sure you’ve got the family covered! Here’s where to buy family travel insurance in Singapore

Now that you’ve booked your flights and accommodation, next up: travel insurance for the family! Travel insurance can protect you from a wide range of risks or mishaps, including travel inconveniences (such as last-minute flight cancellations), theft or loss of baggage, personal accidents and medical expenses incurred overseas. Travel insurance can even help to claw back flight and accommodation costs in the event of an illness, death or natural disaster before your trip.

How to choose the Best Travel Insurance

Choosing the best travel insurance plan for your family all depends on your priorities. Are you comfortable buying a travel insurance plan with low premiums with the understanding that the reimbursement limits are not very high, or do you hope to find a plan with a higher premium and higher payouts? When choosing the right travel insurance plan for you and your family, ask yourself:

1. What coverage do you get with the travel insurance plan?

Make sure to look through each plan and compare the benefits and reimbursement limits for common claims like medical expenses, trip cancellations, flight delays and baggage theft and/or damage.

2. How much is the policy premium?

Depending on your destination and length of stay, the cost of your travel insurance can usually be kept quite affordable. Most travel insurance companies have different tiers for each plan depending on comprehensiveness and reimbursement limits.

3. Does the travel insurance plan have coverage for special activities?

This is particularly important if you plan on doing adventurous activities (such as skydiving) or sports that may require special equipment (golfing, scuba diving etc).

4. How long are you travelling for?

Single trip travel insurance plans are usually for short trips and are often the most affordable plans. However, if you’re more likely to travel to further destinations and for months at a time, you may want to consider buying annual travel insurance (which insures you for an entire year of travel).

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Do you still need COVID-19 coverage when buying travel insurance?

It’s highly recommended! COVID-19 coverage on top of travel insurance plans can help to take care of medical expenses, travel cancellation and travel postponement in the event that you contract COVID-19 before or during your trip. Check the limit of COVID-19 coverage in your travel insurance policy to determine if it’s sufficient to cover the cancellation cost of your air tickets, accommodation and itinerary. Alternatively, you can choose to buy COVID-19 coverage as an add-on benefit.

Where to Buy Family Travel Insurance in Singapore 2023

Wondering what the differences are between single-trip plans, individual plans, multi-trip plans and family travel plans? Family travel insurance plans are more affordable than separate single-trip plans for each family member, and usually cover you and the members of your family who travel with you on your trip. The people who are insured under a family travel insurance plan may include you and your spouse, and/or your children or grandchildren.

Top tip: If you already have an agent overseeing your existing family insurance policies, it may be worth reaching out to them on any available travel insurance plans they can offer. It may cost a little more than purchasing a travel insurance plan online, but an agent can help to handle any claims you may not be able to manage on your own – especially if you get into an accident or fall ill overseas! Agents are also better equipped at advising you on the relevant documentation you’ll need for your claims to go through smoothly.

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AIG’s Travel Guard Direct, comes packed with travel benefits, such as overseas medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation, pre-trip cancellation, loss of personal belongings, baggage delay and more (subject to policy terms and conditions). You’ll also get access to AIG’s wholly owned 24/7 global assistance network for any emergency travel and medical assistance whilst abroad.


Chubb Travel Insurance has plan options for all types of travellers, from frequent flyers and families to holidaymakers on a budget, adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts. Chubb offers all the essential coverage needed for travel insurance, with access to Chubb Assistance, their 24-hour overseas emergency hotline that provides the support you need.


DBS TravellerShield Plus travel insurance includes comprehensive COVID-19 coverage (including your little ones who are unvaccinated). Coverage under this travel insurance plan includes medical expenses incurred overseas, medical expenses incurred after returning to Singapore, journey cancellation and loss of/damage to personal property and baggage. You can even get coverage if you’re travelling on a cruise – get coverage for medical expenses (you have the option to add-on coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions as well), emergency medical evacuation and travel delays.


Some highlights of Etiqa’s travel insurance plan includes the comprehensive COVID-19 add-on (protecting you before, during and after your trip), and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions (often not covered by most travel insurers!). Claims can also be easily done online.


FWD travel insurance highlights include up to $5,000 for trip cancellation due to COVID-19 within 30 days before your trip, up to $200,000 in COVID-19 medical expenses incurred during/after your trip, up to $900 for baggage delay and up to $18,750 for theft of or damage to your personal belongings (including your baggage), and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation (if you suffer from a life-threatening condition as a result of an unexpected illness/injury that happens while overseas on a trip, you’ll be covered for the transportation required to move you to a medical facility for treatment).

Great Eastern

Great Eastern TravelSmart Premier travel insurance plans automatically include COVID-19 coverage with no additional premium needed, giving up to $150,000 coverage expenses and emergency medical evacuation if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your travels. This travel insurance also offers protection against unexpected events such as travel delays and potential accidents caused by leisure adventurous activities.

NTUC Income

NTUC Income travel insurance includes coverage for medical expenses and trip cancellation/postponement due to COVID-19 (no add-on required!). You can also get protected against common travel inconveniences such as damage to personal belongings, personal accidents, medical expenses while overseas and travel delays that are not caused by you. NTUC Income offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, eczema, heart conditions, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.


MSIG travel insurance offers comprehensive cover with over 50 benefits. Its TravelEasy plan protects your losses from travel cancellation to flight delays, stolen travel documents, overseas medical expenses incurred due to accidental injuries or onset of sickness (excluding cover for pre-existing medical conditions), and follow-up medical treatment after your trip. Other highlights include Replacement of Traveller, which pays for the charges incurred for change of traveller due to you or the insured person not being able to travel for the trip; Insolvency of Licensed Travel Operator which covers for insolvency of licensed travel agencies; and Delayed Departure, which pays for additional expenses incurred to book alternative transport to the same destination should there be delays to the public transport due to unforeseen circumstances.


Singlife offers all the essential travel insurance coverage you need for your trip, with the option to conveniently receive your claims payout via PayNow. With its Travel Plus and Prestige plans, Singlife covers trip cancellation for any reason. There’s even a payout of up to $150 should your trip be affected by excessive rainfall! MINDEF/MHA/POGIS policyholders and their family members can get extra discounts off travel insurance premiums.

Lead image sourced via Getty. The information provided here is for general information only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation, solicitation or advice to buy any products. You should seek personalised financial advice before you purchase any insurance product. Buying insurance that is not suitable for you may impact your ability to finance your future insurance needs. Refer to precise terms, conditions and exclusions of insurance plans in their policy contracts. 

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