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#RealityCheck: Why Your Employer’s Medical Coverage is Probably NOT Enough

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It’s time to take a long, hard look at your family’s health insurance, mama. Between increasing costs of healthcare and the family lifestyle, you may soon realise your employer’s medical coverage just doesn’t cut it!

We live in one of the world’s most expensive cities, mama! Soaring bills, rentals and school fees aside, did you know that Singapore is amongst the top four countries expected to see significant increases in healthcare costs over the next three years?1 It’s even more important, then, to know whether your company-provided health insurance offers adequate cover for your family throughout the length of your stay.

And that’s where expats’ favourite MSIG Prestige Healthcare come in. With exceptionally high local and international cover limits at super affordable premiums, they form the perfect bridge between your current company policy and the coverage your family truly needs. Dubbed the “Best International Health Insurance for Expat Families in Singapore2, MSIG Prestige Healthcare understand the challenges that expats face in Singapore and have the requisite tools to help you choose what’s right for you.

Do I have enough coverage?

While an employer’s insurance is a great (and necessary) perk to have, do look closely at the details around the amount of cover, international coverage and exclusions such as maternity, dental or alternative treatments.

Employer group insurance policies typically cover a broad spectrum of treatments, but the amount is often not enough for annual medical expenses. MSIG Prestige Healthcare help overcome that gap with over $3 million* coverage for inpatient and outpatient treatments, cancer treatments, organ transplants, casualty ward accident services and more – robust in every way!

Don’t forget travel!

The need for additional insurance becomes critical when it involves travel one of the best parts of living in Singapore! Whether it’s a high fever on your holiday (we’ve all been there!), or an accident during a work trip — without a comprehensive health cover outside of Singapore, the bills can quickly stack up. MSIG’s plans give you up to $1 million* cover for overseas emergency medical evacuation and repatriation and double the coverage limits immediately should you be hospitalized overseas! How’s that for peace of mind, mama?

Exclusions that are often necessary

Company group insurance policies also often leave out important add-ons such as maternity and alternative treatments. If you are planning on having a baby soon, adding the MSIG Prestige Healthcare Deluxe and Platinum plans may just be what you need! These plans come with the option to add maternity benefits to cover antenatal, childbirth and post-natal treatment for mothers, including complicated deliveries up to a neat (and practical!) $15,000.

And if you are one to turn to a chiropractor or TCM practitioner, rest assured that they will cover up to $2,000* for alternative treatment by a physiotherapist, registered Chinese physician, acupuncturist or chiropractor. With inpatient and outpatient medical treatment, accident dental cover, repatriation, and optional maternity benefits included, adding real value to your employer’s insurance couldn’t get any simpler. 

There’s still more!

Besides giving you substantial coverage, MSIG takes away typical insurance pain points that come with process and claims settlement. A 24/7 emergency hotline connects you to medical care and evacuation – no matter which time zone you’re in! You can also benefit from receiving emergency medical advice and travel assistance through the MSIG Assist hotline. And when it comes to claims, they’ve made it easy: MSIG Assist provides direct settlement of expenses incurred with the hospital or service providers!

With MSIG Prestige Healthcare added to your current employer’s insurance, there’s no reason to worry about your medical expenses anymore, mama! Offering an array of international health coverage suited to your family’s needs, there’s little wonder that they are the preferred choice of expats living in Singapore.

Want to know more? Get in touch with their helpful team and safeguard your family’s health today!

MSIG Prestige Healthcare, +65 6827 7602,

Brought to you in partnership with MSIG Singapore. All images sourced via Getty. References: 1 2 On the comparison site, Value Penguins *Cover and limits based on Platinum plan.

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