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Expert Advice: Why It’s Important to Schedule a Health Screening

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An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but every now and then a good Health Screening will keep illness at bay. Here’s why you should schedule yours today, mama…

Got New Year’s resolutions? Before you rush headlong into 2017 it may be worth considering taking time out of your busy life to conduct an annual Health Screening checkup. It’s easy to think ‘I’m too busy!’ but you and your family’s wellbeing rely upon your health. We talked to the docs at International Medical Clinic about Health Screenings, what to expect, what they’re for and what the various types mean.

What exactly is a Health Screening?
Health Screenings are examinations and tests that are used to diagnose diseases before any symptoms develop. Screenings are important because it is easier to treat a condition when it is in the early stages.

What illnesses can be detected through a Health Screening?
Some common conditions that can be identified include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid conditions, as well as bowel cancers, pre-cancerous changes in the cervix and early-stage breast cancers.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80 percent of premature heart diseases and strokes can be prevented by reducing major risk factors, many of which can be addressed through a screening.

Says one IMC patient: “My routine Health Screening discovered I had a thyroid problem – which explained why I was feelin so exhausted all the time. I now have the right drugs and feel normal again.”

What does a screening involve?
You will undergo a physical examination and blood, urine and stool sample tests. Depending on your age and other risk factors, you may be offered an ECG (heart trace), exercise treadmill tests, colonoscopy, cervical smears and mammograms. However, undergoing plenty of tests isn’t always the best solution. Ask your doctor to explain the pick-up rates (false negatives/positives) for each test performed, so you can understand it better.

What should I consider before signing up for a screening?
Some screenings can address specific issues, so raise any health concerns you may have with your doctor to determine what will best fit your health needs. IMC, for instance, offers a full range of screening options – from Essential Screens ($189) that will take around half an hour, to Comprehensive Screens ($755) that will take several hours.

If, however you have more specific concerns we have a selection of specific Screening options – for example, Sexual Health, Women’s Gynae, Pregnancy Wellness,  School Medicals, Employment Pass Medicals and more. The key thing is that we will always make the screening bespoke to your needs.

How do I prep myself prior to a screening?
Give your doctor a detailed, relevant personal and family medical history, a lifestyle analysis (smoking and alcohol habits plus physical activity levels), previous test results if any and, if appropriate, vaccination records. If you require a blood test, you may be asked to fast overnight to ensure the most accurate results possible, which is particularly crucial for cholesterol and glucose readings. At IMC we make sure we give patients some snacks after the bloods are done to ensure they don’t leave hungry!

Are Health Screenings suitable for children?
In Singapore, some schools may request a medical examination as part of the admissions process. While it is not necessary to have dedicated Health Screenings, you should keep to regular developmental checkups for your child as advised by his or her doctor.

No time like the present!
Visit IMC’s website to find the complete list of Health Screening & Wellbeing Programmes. Protect your future health today!

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