07 Nov‘20

Spartan Kids Race Singapore & Spartan Sentosa Sprint 2020

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Mark your calendars, Spartans. On November 7, we will rise again.

You’ve waited patiently as we’ve faced unprecedented challenges. While the world continues to shift and throw uncertainties our way, the Spartan Ethos remains the same. You will return stronger, and you will not quit.

Registration will reopen in the coming weeks. If you were already registered for the 28 March Sentosa Sprint/Kids race, you will be automatically moved to the new date, and no further action will be required. If you are unable to make the new race date, racers will be allowed to defer to any future Singapore race (of the same race type) up until 30 June 2021. For assistance, contact [email protected].

You have nothing but time on your side to train. Let this be your motivation to stay in the fight. Keep up your exercise regime to stay healthy and boost your immunity, and exercise at home. There are plenty of workouts to keep you busy while indoors, including free virtual races fit for the whole family, which you can conquer from your own home.

We will rise again. We will roar again. We will race again. AROO!

The Spartan Kids Race encourages kids to jump, run, get muddy, help each other, and have a good time while conquering obstacles. You are never too young to set goals and celebrate accomplishing them – an epic feeling that’s universal.


4-6 years old – 800m
7-9 years old – 1.6km
10-13 years old – 3.2km
Competitive 10-13 years old – 3.2km


2:00 PM – 12-13 years old, Competitive Boys, 3.2km
2:15 PM – 12-13 years old, Competitive Girls, 3.2km
2:30 PM – 10-11 years old, Competitive Boys, 3.2km
2:45 PM – 10-11 years old, Competitive Girls, 3.2km
3:00 PM – 10-13 years old, 3.2km
3:30 PM – 7-9 years old, 1.6km
4:00PM – 4-6 years old, 800m
4:30 PM – 7-9 years old, 1.6km
5:00 PM – 4-6 years old, 800m


Every competitor receives a T-shirt and medal.


(Competitive Boys & Girls 10 – 13 years old)
1st Place Spartan Trophy
2nd Place Spartan Trophy
3rd Place Spartan Trophy

Spartan Sentosa Sprint 2020

Set over 5Km with 20 obstacles, the Sprint may be the Spartan Race’s shortest distance, but it’s still a favorite amongst both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.

Click here for Spartan Sentosa Sprint categories and prices

Event Price

Competitive Boys 12-13
Competitive Girls 12-13
Competitive Boys 10-11
Competitive Girls 10-11
Open 3.2 Km (Ages 10-13)
Open 1.6 Km (Ages 7-9)
Open 800m

Event Location

Palawan Green, Sentosa, Singapore