08 Jul‘20

Not All Forms of Abuse Leave Scars – Bullying Awareness and Prevention by Matthew Quek

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Wednesday, 8 July

Singapore-based singer-songwriter Matthew Quek was born with a birth complication which resulted in him not being able to meet developmental milestones in his early years. He faced learning difficulties in school, and as a result, he was often ridiculed and bullied by his classmates. Refusing to bow down to these taunts and swallowing the bitter pill of defeat, Matthew responded to these aggressors by working doubly hard and progressing in his studies. He eventually graduated with a Second Honours in History from a local university, and then found his confidence again through singing.

Now a highly-acclaimed singer-songwriter with eight albums under his belt, Matthew is also a mentor to youths, recognising that the teenage years is a difficult period for everyone – more so those who face the same problems in school. He wants to share his experience with children and parents on how best they can face bullies not only amongst their peers, but also online.

Join in this online discussion with Matthew, where we will engage in an interactive session on recognising the signs and impact of bullying on the youths of today, the best way of dealing with bullies in person and online, and how family as well as peer support can help manage these situations.

In this online discussion, we will explore:

– The long term emotional and psychological effects of bullying
– The overriding importance of family support, moral reinforcement and open sharing
– The different types of cyber bullying and real-life anecdotes
– Making a stand against all forms of bullying and discrimination with firmness and objectivity

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