20 May‘20

International Days at Science Centre Singapore: World Bee Day

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Celebrate World Bee Day with Science Centre Singapore and learn all about these amazing creatures with a host of videos and activities on the website.

These include:

• Bobbing Bee: Using papers around the house and some strings, create your own flapping busy bee.

• Shadow Buzz Story: What goes around a bee’s life? With the shadow templates and any light source around your house, snap a picture or record a video of your bee’s story!

• Let’s BEE Searching: Many plants depend on bees for pollination, and without bees, we may not have a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts! Can you find the plant crops in the sea of letters?

• a-MAZE-ing Bee: There are many obstacles that bees have to overcome to obtain nectar and pollen from flowers. Help this bee find its way to the flower!

• A Bee-utiful Life: Want to do some art & craft? Learn more about the life cycle of a bee by creating your own Life Cycle Wheel!

• Hidden in the Hive: Besides pollinating our plants, bees provide us with many useful products. Can you find 5 items that contain products of bees?

• BEEhold, it’s honey! (Science o’Clock episode): What is something sweet, sticky, and the favourite food of Winnie-the-Pooh? In today’s special episode, we are celebrating World Bee Day by learning about the properties of honey!

• BEE Our Friend: Facts on Bees (ISawTheScience Article): How much do you know about our busy little bees? Read on to learn 12 facts about honeybees.

• Un-BEE-lievable Hexagons (Video): Learn about the wonders of this seemingly simple shape used in beehives!

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