01 - 30 Jun‘20

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with Wan Qing Dumpling Festival 2020 (Digital Edition)

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1 – 30 June 2020

This year’s Wan Qing Dumpling Festival will be going digital for the first time! You can look forward to a variety of online activities including a cooking tutorial to prepare the most delicious bak zhang, DIY craft activities like folding your own origami dragon boat, and even a fun game to catch rice dumplings and win exclusive museum merchandise!

The Dumpling Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, is an important festival celebrated by Chinese communities all over the world. Wan Qing Dumpling Festival Invites the public to celebrate and acquaint themselves with the rich historical and cultural significance of the festival as part of the memorial hall’s efforts to promote Chinese arts, culture and heritage.

Held throughout the month of June via the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall’s Facebook page, Wan Qing Dumpling Festival aims to bring heritage to closer to home through an exciting line-up of family-friendly digital initiatives such as cooking classes, game contests, quizzes, interactive craft demonstrations and more.


  1. Animated Storytelling: Origins of Dumpling Festival
    1 June 2020

Do you know why we eat yummy rice dumplings during Dumpling Festival, or how the practice of dragon boat racing came to be? Uncover the legends and myths behind Dumpling Festival through an animated short story and learn more about this much- loved Chinese festival!

  1. Infographic: What Makes A Dragon Boat Race?
    5 June 2020

Did you know that a typical dragon boat race team consists of 20 paddlers, one steerer and a drummer? Learn more about the historical significance and origins of dragon boat racing, the anatomy of a dragon boat race team, and the roles and responsibilities of each position through this fun and educational series!

  1. Game Contest: Catch the Rice Dumpling!
    9 June 2020

Quick, catch the rice dumplings! Challenge yourself to this fun game and try to take a screenshot of the rice dumplings as they fall and land within the dotted lines – but players be warned, this seemingly simple game is more tricky than it appears. Share your successful screenshot in the comments section to win exclusive museum merchandise!

  1. Multiphoto: What Type of Dumpling Are You?
    12 June 2020

Rice dumplings come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fillings – much like people with our unique personalities and traits! Are you a savoury hokkien zhang, full-flavoured and packed with wholesome ingredients? Or are you a sweet and simple nonya zhang, well- loved by people of all ages? Find out more about the different types of rice dumplings and which dumpling best suits your own personality in this humourous and lighthearted series.

  1. DIY Craft Activity: Mini Dragon Boat
    15 June 2020

Building a real dragon boat can take up to a week of hard work by a skilled master craftsman, but now you can create your very own origami dragon boat by following the instructions in this fun craft tutorial. Be creative and use bright colours to make your masterpiece stand out!

  1. Game Contest: Who Won the Dragon Boat Race?
    19 June 2020

Three dragon boats are racing towards the finish line, but who will win the dragon boat race? Challenge yourself to this fun game contest and see if you can take a screenshot of the first dragon boat to cross the finish line and win the race! Share your successful screenshot in the comments section to win exclusive museum merchandise!

  1. Cooking with Kim Choo: Bakzhang & Nonya Zhang
    24 June 2020

Kim Choo Kueh Chang’s rice dumplings have been a mainstay in Singapore’s diverse epicurian tapestry since 1945, withstanding the test of time to preserve its rich taste and unique fragrance owing to the use of traditional recipes and culinary techniques. Embark on a culinary adventure in this exclusive online cooking tutorial by Kim Choo Kueh Chang and get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare Kim Choo’s famous bak zhang and nonya zhang from the comfort of your own kitchen!

  1. DIY Craft Activity: Origami Rice Dumpling
    27 June 2020

Unleash your inner crafter in this family-friendly DIY tutorial, as you learn how to paint and fold your own origami rice dumpling. Create your very own festive art pieces by following these step-by-step photos. Challenge yourself by using recycled materials and save the earth while having fun at the same time!

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