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Tried and Tested: Betty Crocker Makes Baking with Kids a Piece of Cake!

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Baking with kids isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, but Betty Crocker saves the day for this mama with an easy cake mix that makes a truly awesome birthday cake!

I love cooking and almost everything we eat at home is freshly made, but baking is one thing I have never been able to do. My cakes sink, my bread doesn’t rise, my scones are dry – I’ve given up baking from scratch. Instead I use Betty Crocker ready-mix packs. They do all the hard work for you so you can have fun – and they work every time! Fool-proof!

Three Reasons Why I love Betty Crocker:

1. No one will ever know you cheated

They make amazing dinner party puddings! Honestly, no one has ever guessed that I am cheating – they honestly believe I made it all myself! Because the starter and main are all freshly prepared, they have no reason to think otherwise! Friends have even asked me for the recipe and I say it’s an old family secret! Ok after this I am outed – but it’s worth it to save another mama some stress and headaches!

2. FACT: Baking with Kids is not normally fun

Baking with kids can be a complete nightmare. It sounds like such a lovely idea – bonding in the kitchen, teaching them math skills like measuring in a fun and relatable way – but honestly in reality it is not FUN! It’s horrible. It all starts off so enthusiastically, but this quickly wanes. Whilst I am weighing out everything they get bored, knock things over and generally create a complete mess.  But with Betty Crocker, that part is all done for you – so you get to the fun part straight away. Fast forward through measuring, mixing here I come!

3. Birthday Cakes: Spend the time on the design!

So kids’ birthday cakes can be so expensive to buy. Pinterest is full of so many amazing ideas – why outsource when it’ s so easy to do yourself? Let Betty take care of the cake, so you can spend more time on the design! Our son’s recent 9th birthday football cake was a massive hit! We even managed to pack it full of surprises…

Betty Crocker is my total go-to for all my home baking. It’s available at all good supermarkets at a very reasonable price – from as little as $5 – and works every time. It’s never let me down, mamas!

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