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Barbiecore Mooncakes! Raffles Hotel Singapore’s IG-Worthy Pink Sakura & Raspberry Truffle Snow-Skin Beauties

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From baked mooncakes to new snowskin flavours of Sakura & Raspberry Truffle and Baileys Chocolate, Raffles Hotel Singapore’s treats are made by skilled master chefs to bring you prosperity, peace, and harmony!

When it comes to elegant luxury, Raffles Hotel Singapore has made a name for itself the world over. Their legendary handcrafted mooncakes have been around for over a decade so it’s no wonder that they are prized as Mid-Autumn Festival gifts!

New Flavours: Barbie Pink Snowskin Collection!

Sakura & Raspberry Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncakes

You’ll be excited to know that this year, Raffles Hotel Singapore debuts a new mooncake flavour and it is a stunner! The new Sakura & Raspberry Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncake ($97) is inspired by the well-loved Sakura Sling from the legendary Long Bar at Raffles Singapore. We reckon it’s the mooncake that Barbie would go for – all of the pink glamour (but unlike its namesake cocktail, not a drop of alcohol). This snow skin mooncake incorporates the delicate flavours of fresh juicy raspberries harmoniously paired with the sweet floral notes of cherry blossoms.

Yam & Coconut Rum Truffle Snow-Skin

Other new flavours include the Yam & Coconut Rum Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncake ($97), a contemporary twist that pays tribute to the traditional Teochew mooncake, as well as the Baileys Chocolate Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncake for coffee lovers. This winning combination of premium cocoa, Arabica coffee, and Irish cream is encased with smooth white lotus paste – so decadent!

Signature Handcrafted Mooncake Flavours

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Looking for more of a traditional mooncake? Drum roll for the all-time favourite Raffles Hotel Singapore’s signature…the Champagne Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncake ($99). The classic signature mooncake is encased in a creamy white lotus seed paste, with a champagne-infused truffle centre, and boasts the same irresistible aroma that has remained unchanged for decades. This is one that some families order year after year as part of their Mid-Autumn festival traditions.

Other highlights this year include the Mother-of-Pearl with Single Yolk and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake ($97), the Yuzu & Osmanthus Truffle Snow-Skin mooncake, and the Double Yolk With Macadamia Nuts And White Lotus Paste Baked mooncake ($99). Which ones will you be buying as gifts or treats for your family reunion during the Mid-Autumn celebrations?

Hurry, get your Raffles Hotel Singapore’s mooncakes online now!

Raffles Hotel Singapore‘s mooncakes can be purchased online or at the Raffles Mooncake Booth at the North Bridge Road Atrium in Raffles Singapore (328 North Bridge Road Singapore 188719).

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