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From the sea to your plate: Kühlbarra’s Singapore-sourced fish packs a fresh punch

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Love yourself some fish, mama? Kühlbarra’s fresh, Australian-born and homegrown Barramundi hits the spot

How does a freshly-baked slice of Barramundi slathered with chilli sound? Last week, we thought it appropriate to have Kühlbarra‘s Its Chilli Outside combo as the perfect end to a chilly day. Their farm-to-fork freshness can be tasted right from the get-go mama, and it kept our tummies warm!


Farmed in the pristine waters of Singapore’s South Coast (specifically, by the Raffles Light House in the Straits of Singapore), Kühlbarra’s Barramundi, or Asian sea bass, has no fishy or ‘muddy’ taste. Instead, it’s just that bit sweeter and tastes incredibly clean, no matter how you cook it – and that’s saying a lot, because this fish is known for its versatility.

The highest quality is ensured by having the water conditions checked every 10 minutes. Call it high maintenance, but we’re not complaining if it’s what keeps the fish tasting so fresh! The Barramundi is fed a high quality feed and ensured that toxins are kept out of their diets, and in turn our diets, too. We love that the fish are farmed sustainably – what they eat is fully traceable back to their source, and farming them in ocean waters avoids the need to catch wild fish, which is often done illegally from endangered species. Raising fish the right way ensures no further harm is done to the already dwindling population of marine life. Plus, the fish is harvested-to-order only, guaranteeing freshness every time you place your order.


Prices start at just $10 per fillet for a thick, succulent portion, and Its Chilli Outside is just one out of the five Christmas gift packs available. Choose between Under the Mistlepesto, Its Chilli Outside and O Olive, or go big with their The Jingle 5 or Wrapped with Love combos and get free delivery with orders over $50! Your order comes straight to your doorstep in fresh, chilled boxes, ready to cook.

Steam, grill, deep fry, bake or even stir fry – just take your pick! And if you’re not quite a pro in the kitchen, you don’t have to be. The Kühlbarra site is full of easy recipes to try. The hubs and kids will love you (even more) for it.

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Brought to you in partnership with Kühlbarra

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