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Burger Joint

#03-01, 115 Amoy Street, Singapore
Tel: (+65) 6221 8648

Just when we had (almost) had our fill of burgers-gone-trendy, along comes Burger Joint, an New York import that takes burgers back to basics, no frills, no hipster décor, no commissioned-art graffiti (sharp intake of breath!) and no DJs in the corner. Instead, Burger Joint is hidden down a back alley in Gemmill Lane (which seems the hiding place for many a covert bar!). Instead of graffiti art, there’s thank you notes scribbled on the walls by happy customers. Prices are unfashionably decent – starting with the classic hamburger $13.10 (70 cents extra if you want cheese) but if you must pull out a handful of red notes for your meal you can always order the Double Bacon Cheeseburger at $27.40 with a thick strawberry milkshake ($11.80) and fries ($5.50). Things get a little bit trendy with their beer menu – there’s a choice of 18 craft beers from Weird Beard Sorachi Face Plant  ($11/half pint) to Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale ($11/half pint).

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