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Can Organic Baby Food be both delicious and affordable? We try Little Angels, fresh from NZ!

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Maybe it’s just us, mamas, but there’s something quite daunting about starting babies on solid foods. With milk – regardless of the source – you know baby’s getting all the necessary nutrients and you needn’t worry about stuff like calories, iron and protein (not to mention much fuller diapers!).

Then all of a sudden around the 6-month mark, it’s back to stressing over nutrition labels, preservatives, sugar content … all the things we already worry about for ourselves, only with babies, every decision seems extra momentous.

We want to encourage veggie- and protein-loving foodies and make sure they’re getting all their nutrients and vitamins. Oh and by the way, it would be nice if we didn’t have to buy up half the produce aisle at the supermarket or spend the day slaving away over the blender. Mamas: your prayers have been answered from on high: introducing Little Angels Pure Baby Food, arriving straight from heaven … er, New Zealand!

Little Angels baby food

All Little Angels Pure Baby Food is made from organic produce and organic cold-pressed oils. Everything is sourced locally in NZ, where it’s then snap-frozen to retain all nutrients and vitamins, and has no additives, no preservatives, no stabilisers and no fillers. Every re-sealable pack of food includes 10 frozen cubes, working out to about 3-6 meals each (depending on your baby’s age and appetite).

Available from healthy online grocery stockist Lula’s Cupboard, Little Angels comes in a variety of delish flavours sure to impress the most discerning of foodies. Introduce the bubs to spice with red lentil dahl; let them enjoy NZ’s yummy homegrown sweet potato (Kumara) with a gentle, lump-free mash; or give them a wholesome, guilt-free sweet treat of berries, pear and quinoa.

Given how expensive organic produce is here ($10.99 bunch of kale, anyone?), Little Angels provides outstanding value for money. What’s more, Lula’s Cupboard offers discounted variety packs available in sets of 4, 7 or 9 packets – the more you, buy, the more you save, mamas! Not to mention your little one will love sampling all the different flavours on offer.

And why should babies have all the fun? Lula’s Cupboard also offers hard-to-find, healthy Kiwi favourites for mum and dad like Vogel’s Bread and Quality Bakers Crumpets, in addition to other grocery staples, a Gluten-free section, and lollies. They’ve even got kids’ toothpaste in something other than an artificial pink bubblegum flavour!

Best of all, Lula’s Cupboard offers free delivery across Singapore on orders of $60 or more. Free pick-up is also available from the East Coast. So ditch the supermarket and keep the blender in the cupboard, and treat your little one to healthy and delicious meals you don’t have to stress about, mama!

Brought to you in partnership with Lula’s Cupboard

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