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Board Games Bonanza with Hasbro’s Christmas Promotion

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We round up our favourite classic Hasbro board games

Are you a nerd like me, mamas? I’ll happily admit that I’d rather spend most Saturday nights with friends, a board game and a bottle of wine in my living room than out hitting the bars (this was true even before the baby). And I can’t wait to curl up on Christmas in my pyjamas for an all-day Monopoly session!

If you’re looking to add to your own home board game collection, or if your little one is finally ready for their first board game to call their very own, toy giant Hasbro is running a limited-time Christmas promotion with savings on some of their most popular games! Here are a few of our faves:

A6984_Monopoly Junior Game_02

Monopoly Junior ($19.95, reg. $29.90)
Teach your littlies how to become mini real estate tycoons with all the classic features like passing GO, collecting rent and putting up buildings (in this case it’s ice cream parlours instead of hotels!). No worries about any back-and-forth marathon matches, mamas: the Junior version has simplified rules and money transactions to make the game go faster than the original.


Twister ($19.95, reg. $31.90)
This classic party game has been delighting audiences of all ages for decades. It’s equally fun for kiddos cracking up as they contort themselves into pretzels, or grown-ups trying to keep their balance after a couple glasses of wine (uh, or so I’ve heard). We recommend getting a good stretch in beforehand!


Jenga ($19.95, reg. $24.90)
So simple, yet SO much fun! Jenga is all about carefully removing wooden blocks in a strategic way to keep the tower from falling down. Requiring nimble fingers and nerves of steel, it’s perfect for little ones to hone their fine motor skills with their pincer grip. I’ve also witnessed some fiercely competitive adult matches in bars and guesthouses across Southeast Asia, however!


MasterMind ($19.95, reg. $29.90)
Ideal for kiddos age 8 and up, this classic strategy game for 2-5 players focuses on cracking the code! It’s a fantastic way for kids to learn about patterns and repeating; you might want to pass on the wine to stay sharp for this one, mamas!

All of these games, and many more, are available for purchase at Toys ‘R’ Us and major department stores.

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