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The Best Taxi Apps in Singapore: Never get caught out again mama!

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Taxis and toddlers go together like birds of a feather, and now thanks to a growing number of taxi apps we can signal for one in a second! Whether you’re running to a playdate, off to school or even heading out on a date night, our handy roundup of Singapore taxi apps will have you there in a jiffy mama. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ones just for you so that you’ll never have to holler TAXI ever again!

Comfort and Citycab
We all know Comfort and Citycab. With a 62% market share, these blue or yellow beauties rule the streets of Singapore, and with a quick and easy booking app and reliable phone booking service it’s not hard to see why. With one of the most advanced booking apps around, it uses your phone’s GPS to find your location (handy if you are not sure of your location) and even keeps you updated on your taxi’s location.

One of the newest apps to Singapore, Grab Taxi has taken the booking arena by storm. Solving the problem of trying numerous companies, Grab Taxi drivers come from various firms and thanks to the fact that jobs come straight through to their personal 3G device, response times are quicker than using company GPRS. Once a booking is completed, the commuter and the driver’s phone numbers are made available to each other so they can keep in touch about any unexpected issues or changes. One of the easiest apps to use, and the quickest response times too – Grab Taxi looks set to catch up with Comfort with over 10,000 drivers at last count!

Easy Taxi
To be honest, there isn’t much to choose between Easy Taxi and Grab Taxi. Both operate using multiple channels and both are fast and easy to use. While Grab Taxi handily calls you to tell you when your car has arrived (perfect on rainy days or when you’re struggling to get the kids out the door) Easy Taxi doesn’t seem to offer this service. It does however get the huge thumbs up for the fact that as of March 2014, they have waived all booking fees – pretty nice!

Taxi Monger
One of the smallest companies out there, Taxi Monger cabs are only available in specific areas of Singapore at the moment. A relatively simple app to use, you can choose between immediate pick-up or specify a certain time – handy for those airport runs to pick up grandparents! And for those of you out there who just can’t resist a review, Taxi Monger also works as a review site where you can post, and read, reviews of other’s experiences.

With an 11% market share, SMRT is a relatively big player on the Singapore scene. Personally one of our favourites due to the fact their cars are always nice and clean, and the app, while not as advanced as others, is easy peasy to use. Simply input your location, or allow the GPS to pick it up, specify when you need the taxi and what kind you need (normal four seater, limo cab or even seven seater) press book and hey presto. The only downside to SMRT is the fact that their booking fees are slightly higher than others.

If your tastes, and indeed wallets, veer to the exclusive sides, then Uber, the grande dame of taxis, is for you. More like a personal driver service, Uber drivers are immaculately turned out, arriving in pristine, new and uber comfortable Mercedes’ and on arrival, will jump out and open the door for you, leaving you feeling like a celebrity (fab if you’re juggling babies and strollers!). All of which is very nice, but at rates upwards of $7 to book and $1.95 a kilometer – you really are paying for the service. With an easy to use app that will locate a nearby driver in seconds, Uber is a good bet for the days when you absolutely have to get somewhere and you have exhausted every other option.

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