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Sassy Mama Loves: Baby Soft Skin (Now Here’s How to Get It!)

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Great skincare starts from birth, mama! Here’s how to keep that yummy baby soft skin going from day 1!

Is there anything more delicious than baby skin, mama? It’s so kissable, squishable, and unbelievably soft, and that’s all thanks to the dual moisture layer babies develop in the womb and two miracle ingredients: Vernix and Ceramide.

“The skin of newborns actually differs from the skin of adults and even older children, both in skin structure and function”, says Dr Mark Koh, Head and Consultant of Dermatology Services at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“There are two main natural substances that help protect babies’ sensitive skin. Vernix, a layer of white creamy substance, provides a waterproof layer to the skin in the unborn baby and helps the maturation of the skin. At birth, Vernix acts as a lubricant and protects from bacteria outside the womb. Ceramide acts more as a barrier to help skin remain moist and supple.”

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Good skincare starts from birth. So how to protect baby’s precious skin from harsh external conditions once he or she comes out into the big world? Keep that double layer of protection going with Newborn Pure, the first ever premium skincare series from leading mother and baby brand Pigeon.

This amazing new range features technology based on scientific research and dermatologist testing. The key ingredient is Natulayer™, which mimics the Vernix and Ceramide babies develop in the womb and have at birth to protect their skin.

Natulayer™ protects a newborn’s gorgeously delicate skin from day 1 by maintaining the skin’s fatty protective layer through balanced pH levels and providing a hydration boost.

These products are so safe (they’re dermatologist-tested, made with love in Japan, and are totally free of nasties like parabens and additives), you can actually use them from day 1 — all the way up through toddlerhood! There’s a full range to keep baby (literally) covered, too, including Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash, Nourishing Shampoo, Moisturizing Lotion, Calming Oil and Protective Cream.

The series is exclusively available at Motherswork, selected Guardian pharmacies, and a few choice department stores.

For more info on the Piegeon Newborn Pure Skincare Series, mama, visit today!

Great skincare starts from birth, but it’s never too late to give your bub an extra layer of protection!

Brought to you in partnership with Pigeon.

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