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ASAP54: Shopping for mamas made easy!

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Have you ever had major street-style envy but were too scared to confront the gorgeous stranger in front of you? Have you searched for hours online for something a celeb was wearing but couldn’t find anything similar, let alone the actual piece? Or are you just desperate for a bit o’ inspiration and a desire to discover some new fashion?

Well listen up mamas! You don’t have to be a frustrated online shopper anymore, as we’ve recently discovered an exciting new app called ASAP54. Dubbed the “Shazam for fashion” it’s been launched by Daniela Cecilio and it’s quite simply amazing!


Users can upload images of anything, from actual outfit looks to inspirational items. Think wallpaper and cushions, a sunset or a yummy lunch, a tear from a magazine or a campaign image from a brand you love. You then select what you are after, such as a dress, top or a pair of shoes. Subsequently, the app uses visual recognition technology to search for what you have selected, or suggests a range of products that you can buy with just a click. It claims to be faster and easier than any search engine and we at Sassy Mama HQ are already obsessed. You can also see what your friends and style muses are coveting, creating a social fashion community, which sets it apart from many other apps that promise similar concepts (such as The Hunt and Snap Fashion).

What if you’re not happy with your reply? Well fear not, there is a team of dedicated stylists on hand to manually search for a new set of results for you. They will collate 5 new options and will email you with their suggestions within 24 hours. What more could you ask for mama?


ASAP54 offers a format just like Instagram, with a news feed, notification tab and an area where you can explore and discover. Fashion giants such as Net-a-porter and Matches are amongst many retailers that are already on the app’s database, and celebs such as Cara Delevingne are reportedly big fans too! They’re using the platform to guide their followers through trends and new styles, as well as giving them alternative options to their personal choices. It’s inspiring stuff indeed!

Brazilian founder, Daniela Cecilio says, ‘The idea was born out of my frustration when searching to buy products online. I’m a very visual person and find it hard to describe what I see in words” (us too Daniela!). This app is genius for mamas like us who strive to be fashion forward but are sometimes too busy to transform our ideas into our own personal style. This app will bring out your creative side and more often than not you’ll be left exploring original fashion paths, rather than sticking to the safe and, well let’s admit it, boring style you’re used to.

Sound fun? Well it is…  and best of all, it’s free mamas! So don’t hold back. Sign up now and get discovering. But watch your back mamas, this new craze is kicking off quick and it won’t be long before you are ASAPed yourself.

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