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Another One Fights the Dust

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There was a knock at the door, and we all gave a start. A package arrived – it wasn’t much taller than the baby, and weighed a lot less than her (just 2kg, to be specific). Intrigued, she crawled over to the box, then pulled herself up so she could take a walk all the way round to give it a full inspection. It was the Dyson DC62 cordless vacuum from the world’s preeminent suction vacuum company, and it was here to change our lives.

With our windows open all day, flowers and leaves blowing in from the balcony and, most pointedly, a very furry dog, our apartment requires constant, daily vacuuming. Now that my 11-month old baby is fully mobile, furballs constantly stick to her sweaty little hands and knees as she explores our apartment. Prompt action was required!

Out of the box came the sleek purple, cordless vacuum – with just 3 parts (not counting the additional 6 specialty attachments like the narrow “flexi” crevice tool, soft dusting brush and mattress tool), assembly was a snap, and we were vacuuming within 5 minutes.

And oh boy, did we vacuum! The rugs! The floors! The couch! The windows and curtains! The DC62 is not only cordless, but it has this amazing lightweight, aluminium wand that’s a breeze for reaching high-up spots. It’s all brilliantly ergonomic to make it easy to hold; you don’t even have to bend over to switch it on, instead there’s a nifty little trigger that instantly revs the super-powerful V6 motor (five times more powerful than a Formula 1 car engine!).

Emptying the dust bag is easy-peasy, too. You just push a button, hold the detachable head over the bin, and all the dust (and dog fur!) drops right down. No need for fussing with detachable bags or banging the compartment against the bin to empty it – this is way more hygienic.

The combination of our hot, humid climate with lots of aircon seems to aggravate all sorts of allergies and skin irritations; Singapore apartments are a haven for dust mites, pollen and mould. Did you know sweeping and dusting only agitate these pollutants, scattering them through the air until they just settle back down somewhere else? Dyson actually has its own micro-biology lab to study and combat these nasty little irritants. The DC62’s patented cyclone technology is so brilliant it actually sucks up and separates out these particles into the dust compartment while keeping them out of the powerful airways.


And when you’re all done, you can easily stand it up with the wall-mounted docking station. No need to wheel it in and out of closets every time you want to clean, mama!

All in all, the arrival of the DC62 has heralded a new era of cleanliness in our apartment. As a bonus, the baby has a new favourite playmate (she actually chases me down the hall when I take it into each room). The dog? He’s not so sure about it, but I’ve informed him that it is here to stay.

The Dyson DC62 cordless vacuum is available starting from $759 at all electronics and department stores, including Courts, Tangs, Takashimaya, Robinsons, Harvey Norman, Home Fix and BigBox.


Brought to you in partnership with Dyson

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