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Best air purifiers in Singapore: how to beat the haze AND stay cool, mama

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With the horrible haze back on our radar, it’s time to dust off the old air purifier… or maybe get a new one!

The haze reared its ugly head last week – did you feel prepared, mama? It’s bad enough having to worry about the air our little ones breathe outside, but did you know air pollution can actually be five times worse inside your house? Besides toxic fumes from seemingly innocuous items like cleaning solvents, deodorants and even scented candles, other major indoor pollutants include cooking gases, mould, pet hair, pollen and allergens. Any of those ring a bell? (Ding! Ding!). Throw in the stressful hunt for masks and air purifiers once the haze crops up and it’s enough to make you want to hide under the duvet for a few months till the air has cleared.


We recently asked three families – one with a newborn, one with allergies, and one with two full-time working parents – to try out the new kid on the air purifier block, the Dyson Pure Cool™ Link Purifier Fanand let us know what they thought about it. From its lightweight, slim profile to the super cool app that lets you monitor and control air quality levels remotely, it’s got these mamas breathing easy…

Allergies Away!


“We normally use ceiling fans throughout the day and air conditioning during the night to cool our house,” says mama of two Kathryn Sham, whose 8-year-old son Jasper suffers from an allergy to dust mites.

She almost forgot it was there: “I have been really delighted with the Dyson Pure Cool™ and all its fantastic features,” says Kathryn. “Its footprint is very small so it doesn’t take up much space. It’s tall, thin and sleek so slots nicely into any setting. It is super quiet even on the higher settings and the air really does blow out quite cool!”

Fuss-free filter: The filter only needs to be changed once a year and is very easy to access.”

But the very best bit is… “You can control the Dyson Pure Cool™ Link from your phone with the Dyson Link App (available in both the App Store and for Android) and see how clean the air is. You can also see the current air quality, temperature and humidity in the room as well as outside readings for comparison. We have mainly been using the Dyson Pure Cool™ Link in our son’s bedroom as he suffers with the allergies. With this amazing device we can check in before sleep and see that his air quality is good, and then we all rest much better!”

Fuss-Free Family Time


“The Dyson Pure Cool™ Link has been such a breeze to use!” gushes working mama of two (and Sassy Mama Managing Director) Emilie De Cannart (we assume with no pun intended).

Indoor air quality is important: “To be honest I don’t regularly check air quality in my home (other than when the haze is on), but the Dyson Link app made me realise the value of turning on air purifiers indoors because there are a lot more factors than just the haze that affects how my kids breathe.”

App-amazing: “The app makes it so easy to check not only the air quality outside, but also in the very room the machine is in. With one touch, I can turn it on and see in real time how it is cleaning the air as it works.”

It looks cool, too: “The Dyson Pure Cool™ Link is so light and easy to move around. I really like that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and blends easily into our décor. It works quickly to cool things off, yet is so quiet, especially in the nighttime mode.”

How to sleep like a baby


“I already use a few Dyson fans in our home,” says mama of a toddler and a newborn Kristin Keen. “With a 2½-year-old I love these fans for the safety factor (no blades!) along with their minimalist look and how strong they are.  

So quiet it doesn’t wake the baby: “Now that I also have a newborn, I enjoyed using the auto setting which only turns the fan and filter on when the air quality is not ideal. I also enjoyed the night mode, which makes sure the fan doesn’t get too high or loud and also keeps the lights dim.”

Baby brain-proof set up: “The Pure Cool™ Link is super easy to set up, and is streamlined to fit in any space. It also gave me added piece of mind, as the purifier rarely turned on, which made me feel good about the air quality in our home for our newborn baby!”

Time to upgrade: “I feel great knowing I have an air purifier in the house for when the horrible haze creeps back. I already love Dyson’s fans, and the Pure Cool™ Link is just the next step up!”


We all know Dyson are whizzes when it comes to home appliances like fans, vacuum cleaners, and even hairdryers, but the Pure Cool™ Link utilises some truly nextgen technology: it captures 99.95% of ultrafine allergens, odours and pollutants and can even detect changes in conditions (like an overnight PSI spike, for instance) before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain the target air quality. You can even set a target air quality so the Pure Cool™ Link can automatically adjust before ‘very poor’ levels are reached. This is fab whether you want to avoid drastic overnight changes (what’s worse than waking up to that awful hazy smell?) or simply want to keep an eye on things if you’re little one’s at home and you’re at the office or traveling.

Icing on the cake? It’s smaller and quieter than other air purifiers (and fans) on the market (not to mention way more effective). Sounds like a #hazewin to us, mama!

Brought to you in partnership with Dyson

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