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7Cycle – Singapore’s first dedicated spinning studio opens in Tanjong Pagar

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A dark room with flashing lights, people sweating profusely as they boogie away in neon outfits to pulsing dance music… A flash back to the glory days of rave? Nope, we’re trying out the latest (Singapore’s a little behind the times on this one!) fitness craze, 7Cycle! If you’re still not sure what we’re on about, 7Cycle is a super-cool spinning studio based loosely on popular US brand SoulCycle, where you pedal away on stationary bikes to a choreographed routine involving hand weights, accompanied by lots of shouting from an “inspirational” instructor who lets you know that YOU are in charge of your own destiny, only YOU can make the change in your own life, etc. etc.


Located on Boon Tat Street, 7Cycle is spread over three floors of a shophouse, with a 36 bike amphitheatre, a 10 bike training facility, men and women’s locker rooms (don’t expect much room to swing the proverbial cat in here) and even a cold-press organic juice bar run by hic’Juice. Check in at the reception where you can get a week’s trial pass for $49, collect your special spin shoes (this is our fave bit about spinning as no more lugging trainers to work!) then grab a bottle of water and a towel and you’re ready to go.

The atmosphere at 7Cycle is fun and friendly, with smiley receptionists and charismatic, upbeat instructors. Even after the suckiest of days with the kids you’re going to leave with a smile on your face… What’s the magic ingredient? Well, as they say, “music is our soul”, and the combination of awesome tunes they spin with the high intensity cardio workout is a guaranteed winner. We were pleased to discover you have a LOT of control over your own pace and intensity, so if you’re finding it heavy-going you can always dial it down a little, but you will be moving and grooving for the whole 45 minute session, so it’s intense and challenging, but thankfully over quite quickly!


After the workout we were pretty pooped – it’s definitely one that gets your heart racing! Our fave part though? If you’re anything like us (super-competitive to a fault) you get emailed your “stats” from the class afterwards, which as well as showing how fast and far you went, show your position on the Leaderboard. So the incentive is there to head along and see if you can improve on past performance… A genius way to get you coming back for more.

7Cycle, you’ll see us again soon (once our thighs have stopped aching)!

A single class costs $45, but packages are available which take the price per class down to $29 if you buy 50 classes at once… Pricey yes, but considering it’s a workout and a party in one, possibly a bargain.

27 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069623
[email protected]



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