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Valentine’s Day in Singapore: Sassy Mama tries Boudoir Photography

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re spotlighting some new and creative gifts for your hubby or loved one. NB: To protect the privacy of the mamas interviewed for this story, only first initials were used. And all images below feature REAL WOMEN – not models!

If you’re anything like me, mamas – nostalgic, very high on the EQ and crazy about your kids – I’m betting you’ve always got a camera in tow, taking endless photos of your children and family, capturing great shots wherever possible. But when was the last time you got in front of the camera yourself, let alone feeling like a woman and not just a mama? Let’s talk about the sexiest trend to hit Singapore – Boudoir Photography.

TheBoudoirPhotographerSG 101

So what exactly is boudoir photography? Boudoir comes from the French term for ‘a woman’s bedroom’ or ‘powder room’. It’s all about capturing the beautiful, feminine and intimate images of a woman that perhaps are only ever seen in the privacy of her own bedroom. And that is exactly what The Boudoir Photographer promises to capture. Owner Carolyn Soemarjono aims to bring out the supermodel in every woman, no matter what stage of life she’s in.

“After running my own successful portrait & family photography business, I realised that I particularly enjoyed photographing women and showing them how beautiful they look”, says Carolyn. She was inspired to start the Boudoir business after a negative experience having her own photos done in her native Sydney.

Carolyn takes all photographs herself, and also includes the services of a professional hair and makeup artist in her package, whilst shooting in a private studio within her home. “This not only makes women feel incredibly beautiful and pampered”, she says, “but also provides for the type of gorgeous images that women often only capture on their wedding day”.

But how do Carolyn’s clients feel about this bold type of photography?

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Says mama Mrs. E, “Having two young children at home, and having recently returned to fulltime work meant that finding quality time with my husband – or doing anything nice for myself – was challenging! I wanted to do something special for my husband to wow him, something a little unexpected to show him that the real me – fun-loving, sexy and energetic – was still here. When a friend recommended boudoir photography, I thought it would be the perfect surprise”.

While she was a bit anxious at first, she seized the moment and recounts the whole experience as truly amazing. “It was really fun and liberating to upgrade my lingerie! Plus the hair and makeup session made me feel beautiful and glamorous”.

But she says the best part of the experience was working with Carolyn. “She is such a warm, positive, down to earth and professional photographer whom I felt at ease with from the moment we began discussing the shoot and throughout the entire session – everything felt totally natural” she says.

TheBoudoirPhotographerSG 108

“She produced photos that were very natural and intimate, but in a way in which I hadn’t appreciated my body before. I couldn’t believe it was me in the photos”!

Mrs. E absolutely loved every minute and her husband was equally amazed with the photos. “The shoot has helped me become less inhibited and gain more confidence about my body”, she says. “It’s not often you get to see yourself in really lovely, feminine and sexy poses, and it’s a wonderfully liberating experience!

TheBoudoirPhotographerSG 112

Likewise, Mrs. G says she was 31 weeks pregnant with her second child and wanted to capture the beauty of her body in that special stage of life.

“I felt proud and sexy and wanted a keepsake of it. And it was meant to be a little surprise gift for my partner. I’m an extremely shy person, but Carolyn put me at ease straight away and I had a ton of fun.”

She loved that the photos had minimal digital touch-ups or enhancements. “It’s all me, and now I will always have a naughty little memento from an important period in my life”, she says.

She suggests anyone considering boudoir photos should “Go for it with an open mind and heart. Be proud of your beautiful body and do not pre-judge yourself. Carolyn has a wonderful eye and is able to bring that out in the photos!”

boudoir photography_4

Ms. K says she had planned her first ever boudoir shoot as a surprise 10th anniversary present for her husband. “By the end of the session, I was convinced that I had ended up giving myself the best present ever! Carolyn is so great at making you feel comfortable, and after the first few shots I felt like I had done this for years – I even forgot I was in just lingerie. I felt strong, confident, sexy and beautiful throughout the shoot, and will treasure that empowering feeling each time I see the photos”.

Carolyn dedicates an entire day to each client, listens to their input and then simply asks them to relax, have fun and let their inner diva shine! If boudoir photography sounds like something you’d want to try out but are too shy to take the first step, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Carolyn’s studio is set up in her home, as she feels it’s important to have an environment where clients feel comfortable and their privacy is assured. In fact, she suggests having a coffee beforehand to determine if she is the right photographer for them.

She says, “It’s ideal if we can meet to see if we ‘click’, because only if you’re happy and comfortable with your photographer will your photos look absolutely amazing. Every woman wants to wait until they’re thinner, fitter, or less busy, before they have their photos taken, but I say to my clients: ‘why wait?’”.

And what better time to give your partner this sensual gift than with Valentine’s Day just around the corner? Session prices start from $500.

Go on, let your inner diva shine, mama!

The Boudoir Photographer, Tel: (+65) 9178 3120, [email protected],

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