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Go On An Authentic Aussie Adventure with Qantas (+ Get Exclusive Qantas Passenger Perks!)

Qantas Passenger Perks
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Fly to Australia with Qantas and use your ticket to book exclusive deals for iconic Aussie experiences from a unique cricket tour to surfing, tours of Uluru and entry to the Australia Zoo. Qantas Passenger Perks lets you discover the best of what Australia has to offer.

Making holiday plans? Picture your family playing on the sun-kissed beaches of Bondi, experiencing Melbourne’s cafe scene or seeing kangaroos and koalas in the Outback – Australia’s allure knows no bounds. In fact, one trip might not be enough to truly savour all this incredible land has to offer. But how do you get access to all the Aussie insider finds? Qantas has introduced a game changer – Qantas Passenger Perks, which promises access to authentic Australian experiences that you may never come across on your own!

After all, Qantas isn’t just Australia’s national carrier; it’s said to be the airline Aussies love most, so you’re guaranteed an all-rounded Australian adventure as a passenger. And nope, your experience with Qantas doesn’t end once you disembark from the plane! So, buckle up as we share why Qantas Passenger Perks is your passport to a multitude of incredible experiences down under!

One Qantas ticket, endless adventures

Qantas Passenger Perks

We get it — planning family vacations can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you have to account for the different ages and interests of everyone in your family! The excitement of new adventures is often accompanied by the headache of finding activities that everyone will enjoy while keeping a close eye on the budget.

Qantas Passenger Perks aims to eliminate the challenges that come with planning trips, and offers families a one-stop platform for flight management and trip planning. As a national carrier, Qantas prides itself as the airline that knows Australia best, so you’re guaranteed experiences that are sure to complement your trip down under. If you’re up for an exciting city-hopping adventure, the Qantas Explorer is your ticket to a wallet-friendly, multi-city escapade! You can now save on fares as you hop between Australia and New Zealand, allowing you to experience the beauty of these two nations for less!

Qantas Passenger Perks gives access to 20+ offers

With over 20 handpicked special offers on experiences across Australia, your Qantas ticket isn’t just a seat on a plane; it’s your ticket to a treasure trove of adventures spanning an entire continent. Whether you fancy a romantic morning cruise along the iconic Sydney Harbour, going for a scenic walk along Bondi’s famous coastal headland, or a serene hot air balloon ride over the picturesque Yarra Valley, Qantas Passenger Perks lets you tailor your journey with enticing discounts! That’s right, these carefully curated experiences won’t break the bank, ensuring that your family can enjoy a well-rounded adventure without a hefty price tag.

Qantas Passenger Perks

Believe us when we say that Qantas Passenger Perks has something for everyone in the family! For a fun family adventure, be sure to add 20% off the Great Barrier Reef snorkelling cruise, 10% off tickets to the Australia Zoo or a 20% discount on the Rottnest Luxe Island Seafood Cruise into your itinerary! Other deals include:

  • 15% off the Bridge Climb Day Experience
  • 25% off a private Sydney Harbour morning cruise
  • 40% off Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium Tours
  • 20% off Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Experience

With an array of activities to choose from, you might just earn yourself the title of certified Australian explorer by the end of your journey! Book with Qantas today and unlock a treasure trove of deals on iconic Australian experiences.

Terms and conditions apply. Visit Qantas Passenger Perks and Qantas Explorer to learn more. 


Brought to you in partnership with Qantas.

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