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Top 5 Coolest Kid Birthday Party Ideas

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Looking for ways to make your child’s birthday party memorable, mama? Please welcome expert party planner Alicia from Happier SG with five tried-and-tested trends that will make your fete extra fun! 

balloon decoration

Bespoke Sculpted Balloon Decorations
Helium balloons look pretty at any party. But you’re not the only ones getting bored with the usual party decorations. Why not stretch your imagination with balloon sculptures instead? A professional balloon artist can take your balloon decorations to a whole new level. From balloon arches and columns to tabletop sculptures of your little one’s favourite characters, you will be surprised how effortlessly you have created the perfect setting for any theme party without even hanging a streamer.

kids party_dessert buffet

Dessert Table / Candy Buffet
Everyone knows that no party’s a real birthday without a birthday cake! Amp up your darling’s iconic cake moment with a beautifully designed dessert table or candy buffet. It’s a guaranteed kid-pleaser, but we make no promises about containing their sugar highs!

photobooth_kids party

Photo Booth
We reckon it will be the kids, not just the adults, hogging the photo booth this time ‘round! Our version features over 20 wearable character props designed for children ages 3 and up; you’d be amazed at how a few funny glasses and moustaches can bring shy little ones (and adults!) out of their shells!

kids party_face painting

Costumed Characters who Paint and Twist Anything
Give your little ones a chance to get up close and personal with their favourite princess or superhero while getting their faces painted or balloon sculptures made. It’s one thing to have a sit-down with face painters who are merely talented; it’s quite another to have it done by Elsa or Superman!

kids party_glow in the dark2

Party in the Dark
Perhaps you have got a fantastic idea to host an evening BBQ or a posh dimly lit function room instead? Well, that might be the perfect opportunity for the kids to party in the dark! You could purchase some glow bracelets and sparklers at your local party stores or consider, face/body painting and balloon sculpting that glow in the dark in brilliant colours!

Happy partying, mama!

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