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Nutritious, Delicious Lunch Boxes Delivered Right to Your Child’s School

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Imagine giving your child a different, freshly-cooked lunch every day. The best part is: you don’t have to make it! Let the chefs at The New Luncher send nutritious meals straight to your kiddos at school

We’re always looking for nutritious options for our little ones, but when it comes to their school lunch box, we have to admit we may sometimes fall short. There are only so many ham and cheese sandwiches you can make for the bubs (guilty!)… so why not get a chef to do the legwork for you?

At The New Luncher, chefs create healthy home cooked meals for kids while they’re in school. Founded by mama-of-two Catherine Lesselin, the idea for this subscription service came about when she realised she couldn’t feed her kids with high quality and freshly-cooked food without having to wake up at 6am every day. After speaking to fellow mamas and finding that they too struggled with making healthy lunches daily, The New Luncher was born – helping kids understand the importance of proper nutrition and cultivate good food habits that will follow them as they grow older.

With this new subscription plan, mamas can trust that the yummy meals coming out of their nut-free and shellfish-free kitchen, La Maison, are made fresh from scratch every morning using only the best and safest ingredients from sustainable food sources (like hormone-free meat from Australia, organic chicken, brown rice and quinoa) – and you get to have a lie-in!

the new luncher kids lunch box

How it works:

Step 1: Customise Your Lunch Box
Log onto and choose the perfect healthy and gourmet
meal plan – available in two lunch box sizes and choice of sides.

Step 2: Delivery days
Choose from two to five days per week for the meals to be sent to your kiddo’s school.

Step 3: Sit back and relax!
All that’s left is for your kiddo to receive their delicious lunch box at school!

the new luncher kids lunch box noodles

The New Luncher promises NO MSG, NO preservatives, NO artificial flavours, NO food colouring, NO processed food and NO deep fried food, with key ingredients being organic when possible. On top of all that, you can rest assured your little ones won’t be eating from the same menu over and over – tastings are held with kids and parents three times a week at La Maison to create new dishes and flavours so the food will always be kept exciting. To get a taste of what they offer, check out the menu here!

Just order online and let The New Luncher take care of the rest!
Psst… got mama friends in Hong Kong? The New Luncher is now serving lunches to HK kiddos too!

Brought to you in partnership with The New Luncher

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