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The Style Hawker: Autumn/Winter’s Top 10 Looks for the Tropics

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The Style Hawker’s top 10 looks from the Autumn/Winter collections on and off the catwalk, that we can actually wear here in Singapore

You can almost feel the weight of the collective slump of shoulders in Singapore as fashion moves into Autumn/Winter. Over in Europe the fashion pack can barely contain themselves, instagramming #isitautumnyet peeks into the new season’s oversized jumpers, quilted coats and knee high boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love a change of season. However it’s easy to get despondent about what we can actually wear in ‘winter’ in a city pushing 40 degrees.

So it’s time to change our attitude. For example: I don’t eat meat. But rather than waste time in restaurants browsing what I can’t choose, I only peruse my limited (but still delicious) options and devote more time to drinking wine and eating pudding. I have learnt to feel positively smug about my streamlined menu selection. You see where I’m going here.

Yes we have less choice in the tropics in fall. But it lets us enjoy the efficiency of the choice of pieces we incorporate into our wardrobes. Rather than devouring every hero piece of the season, we are able to consider the pieces we can eat. Sorry – I mean wear.

Not to mention it’s rather inconsistent with the new sustainable mindset to buy into every fashion trend. A wardrobe of quality staples (that can withstand daily washing) with select pieces to transform what we already own is a more mindful way to shop. Plus as a bonus this fall’s menu is spectacularly bright and extravagant, a treat for us converting it back to summer wear.

Here’s my edited menu of what we can pull from the fall collections on and off the catwalk, to suit our climate. Yes it’s slimmer pickings than our European counterparts get. But any of these pieces will make our wardrobes feel ‘of the season.’ Some we will even have in our wardrobes already, leaving us even more time (and money) to consider the drinks menu. In the sunshine.

After a struggle, gold has finally lost its hold and silver is the metal of choice. If a metallic jumpsuit scares you, accessories will still earn you a fashion tick.

Anything be-ruffled or bowed is still scoring high this season. Previous purchases will still work. Otherwise try a new season ruffled skirt or pussy bow neck tie.

Accessories get ladylike for autumn. Hold your bag like your granny looking after her ration money. Even if it has a shoulder strap.

This summer trend keeps on giving. Embroidery, full skirts and anything else that gives you the air of an indigenous people will mean you are on the right page.

Red is having a fashion moment and pink’s reign isn’t waning. Red on red scores high. Pink on red scores even higher. Yes, they go.

The white pump no longer says 1980’s wine bar but ironic fashion statement. The low ankle boot will rock up the season’s dresses and is surprisingly wearable in the heat.

A controversial choice for a warm weather trend, but a suit jacket can be paired with denim shorts, draped over your shoulders in overactive air-con, or can even be worn as a dress.

Those waisted belts you relegated to the back of your wardrobe when fashion deemed them out of vogue? Time to get them out again, they’re back in favour.

Tartan and check is given a western tweak (rather than dog walking at Sandringham) that keeps it feeling summer suitable.

One of autumns biggest looks. Add a 1970’s print or colour way, and a belt and you’ll nail three trends.

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