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STRIP: Ministry of Waxing Review — Mama gets a Brazilian Wax (and lives to tell the tale!)

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As a legs out all year round kind of place, where swimming with the kids is pretty much the norm most afternoons, keeping our bikini lines fuzz-free is definitely a mama necessity. And as our own mother’s drilled into us at a young age, waxing is always better than shaving! As a devout shaver who had only ever waxed her legs a few times as a teenager, this mama was convinced to go bare and so booked herself in for her first ever Brazilian wax (yikes!). But who was she going to turn to for help with such delicate affairs? Was it possible that her first wax might actually be the most painful thing ever?

With the coveted title of Best Brazilian Wax in Singapore this mama decided to entrust her private parts in the hands of the lovely waxing experts at STRIP: Ministry of Waxing. Claiming to have helped over 3 million women with their monthly maintenance, STRIP seemed like a sensible choice (and the use of the word “bearable” to describe their waxes helping assist with the decision making process!).

On arrival at STRIP, mama was greeted by a team of quietly friendly therapists. A quick run down of what to expect, including the handing over of a gorilla squeezy toy for “stress reduction” and mama was ready to go. The therapist lead mama into her treatment room, which was all dark interiors, cool slogans on the walls (one particularly apt sign reminding her to breathe) and strip lighting. Trying to quell her nerves with a shot of Rescue Remedy, this mama tried to laugh off the stress by remembering the pain of childbirth (because nothing could be worse than that, right?).

Strip_Treatment Room (HR)

With stealth like precision, the therapist got down to business, using STRIP’s signature Strip Berry Chocolate Wax to cover the area in small parts. There was no cloth involved, just a warm wax that dried quick and was removed even quicker (with a very handy bit of pressure applied afterwards to minimize the ouch factor). Not quite sure what to do with herself (where does one look when getting waxed?) mama found herself chatting and giggling away with her therapist… a bit of laughter definitely helping to lighten the mood. And 30 minutes later, after being reminded to breathe at least half a dozen times, mama was finished — smooth and fuzz free!

And because we all love a bit of honesty at Sassy Mama, and because you’re all probably wondering if it hurt… why yes it did, but not as much as mama was expecting! The therapist moved so quickly and efficiently that there was barely time to think between rips, with a soothing lotion applied at the end definitely helping to ease any soreness.

Finally, would mama go back again? Absolutely!

A Brazilian wax at STRIP is priced at $62 and takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

STRIP: Ministry of Waxing
501 Orchard Road, #05-04 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Tel: (+65) 6734 0040
Open: 10am-9pm daily
Website — for their other locations too!



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