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Staying Stylish during Pregnancy: Savvy Style Tips for Mamas-To-Be

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Check out these key tips to ensure a stylish pregnancy in Singapore!

Having gone through two pregnancies in Singapore, it certainly takes some time and effort to look the part of a stylish mama! The good news however is that armed with a little knowledge, some good recommendations and a well thought out plan, staying stylish while pregnant is totally possible. Here are my top style tips for mamas-to-be to help them stay cool and look good.

Stay Calm and Buy Shoes

First up… you need to invest in smart and comfortable shoes. Have mercy on your cankles (also known as puffy ankles) and select fashionable flats that will elevate your style. I love Holsters bejewelled and studded jelly sandals. Not only are they comfortable and chic, their non-slip rubber soles are ideal for pregnant mamas. Not Too Big stocks a wide range of Holster sandals, starting at only $89 a pair. Ballet flats are also a great option but beware of cheaper brands which may not have slip resistant soles. Rubber soles can be added however for a very reasonable price at most shoe repair stores in Singapore.

Visualize It

A style collage is a great way to visualize the look you are trying to achieve. You can use a simple pin board from Ikea and cut out pictures from magazines with inspiring maternity fashions or if you prefer a more tech savvy option, then use a site like Pinterest to create your ideal maternity style capsule. While borrowing some basic maternity clothes from a friend makes sense, try not to adopt someone else’s style completely as you will not feel and look your best. Invest in a few items that are totally you and that make you feel great. I loved Ubermums, a local online maternity and nursing store for their affordable and tasteful options for both work and casual wear.


Ubermums poster_4


Bags of Style

Once you have decided upon the maternity styles you love, then you need to select a functional yet chic looking nappy bag to fit with your style. I prefer the nappy bags that look more like handbags and tend to steer clear of the cutesy floral variety. Bare in mind that you will be lugging around this bag for 2 years or more so it does necessitate some serious thought. JJ Cole at Mothercare do some practical and trendy handbag styles that start at around $150. If you are willing to invest a little more, then have a look at the beautiful Storksak range (I love these bags and would happily carry one around even if there was no baby in sight!). They’re available at the Motherswork stores at Tanglin Mall or Great World City.


Cool Comfort

One of the major complaints I had when I was pregnant was how hot I felt all the time! Between living in Singapore and all the extra weight, I couldn’t wear synthetic fabrics or (the much lauded) maternity jeans. It was all about natural fabrics and airy styles for me. Luckily we have our own eco warrior maternity designer here in Singapore in the form of Mothers En Vogue. They do some fabulous, fashion forward and affordable maternity styles in natural fabrics such as cotton, linen mixes, bamboo and the luxurious, modal.


Cocoon Drape Dress Cloudy Peach Pink w belly

Fabulous Foundations

Underwear will become increasingly important as the months progress, particularly as your bust size increases. It will remain a major priority for quite some time, especially if you plan to breastfeed after your little one is born. Investing in some good quality nursing bras are essential to looking fab and feeling good; after all who wants to be showing off a greyed number? For cute and affordable styles, check out Marks and Spencers (prices start at around $50). If you’re after some beautiful, lacy options however, head to Change at Cluny Court (#02-08). Perfect for bigger busts, these lovely ladies stock maternity bras in sizes up to a J cup (yes!) and start at around $75 per bra.

Occasional Chic

For evenings, special occasions and pricier maternity wear (such as winter coats, which in the lion city you won’t be getting much wear out of!) be sure to check out Maternity Exchange. This wonderful local store rents out maternity clothes from popular brands such as Jules & Jim, Seraphine and the new American label, Decode 1.8. It’s a great way to change up your maternity wardrobe without having to hand out huge amounts of cash!

With these tips in mind, go forth and embrace your bump mama, and enjoy your maternity journey with style!



Aileen080327_nutri_0171enAileen Lane is the stylish mama of 2 adorable boys, Jack 4½ and Joe 16 months and also runs her own business Nutri-Style in between chasing her boys. A qualified nutritionist and image consultant, Aileen has been dispensing advice on looking good for over 9 years in Singapore. For more stylish and wholesome advise check out her blog.




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