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Sole Service: Massage Services on Your Doorstep

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Too many hours spent juggling deadlines, a demanding preschooler and the general craziness of daily life, recently saw me worn down and in much need of a little ‘me’ time. Unable to find the time to head to a day spa for a massage, I decided to give Sole Service a call instead (because we all deserve a little pampering, right?).

Sole Service’s philosophy is simple – to provide reliable, effortless and personalised massages in the comfort of your own home (or office). For mamas who are child-wrangling all day, it means you don’t need to have the minis looked after if you fancy a mid-week foot rub. Nice!

Sole service

Desperate for a massage that could work out all the kinks in my upper back and shoulders (my shoulders are so tight by the end of the day that they are literally up around my ears by dinner time!), I booked myself in for Sole Service’s signature 90-minute mix-and-match massage. While you can ring up to 3 hours in advance to book your time, I organised my session a week beforehand and had my lovely massage therapist, Sharon, arrive at my doorstop right on time (she wasn’t even 1 minute late – impressive!).

Stepping into my messy apartment (it honestly looked like a bomb had hit it – my 3 year old had spent a good amount of time pulling out every toy he owned that morning) I was impressed with Sharon’s efficiency and her ability to look pass the mess. Arriving with a massage kit already prepared; towels, essential oils, a massage chair and a foot rest in her possession, she quickly set about making a space in my lounge room for my massage (trust me, it was no easy feat trying to find a space!).


With the mix and match massage session you can pick any combo of massages you’d like. Options range from a full body massage, to a foot rub, neck and shoulder massage, a back massage or a combination of all of the above. Pregnant mamas can choose the prenatal massage therapy session, which is specially tailored for expectant mamas and works out all those pregnancy aches and pains. I opted for a 30-minute foot reflexology session with a 60-minute upper back and shoulder massage.

Settling into my foot massage (and despite the fact I was in the middle of my lounge room and not some gorgeous day spa somewhere fancy) I was able to fully relax into the massage. Pressure was strong, yet not uncomfortably so, and Sharon pushed on quite a few sore spots I didn’t even realise I had! Moving onto my back and shoulders, I found it a bit more tricky to relax — my overly tight shoulders betraying my desire to be totally zen. My therapist certainly knew how to work on those sore spots and definitely left my shoulders feeling less tense than when we started.


If you’re looking for a super relaxing massage that will have you floating on air once you’re done, then it’s best to let Sole Service know beforehand that’s what you’re after. These guys take their massages pretty seriously and are here to work out the knots from your sore and tired muscles. You’ll need to make it clear to your therapist that you want gentle pressure, especially if you’re a new mama looking for some quiet time away from bubs. For everyone else, Sole Service is a great way to get a little pampering in the comfort of your own home (and within the confines of your busy mama schedule!).

Massages start from $85 for a 60-minute massage.

Sole Service
Tel: (+65) 6221 7002
Services available daily from 2pm – midnight


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