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Singapore Style Finder: Lash Talk – Falsies, serums and curlers, oh my!

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Let’s talk about lashes. Eyelashes. Born with diminutive lashes, I used to wistfully wonder why the eyelash Gods had not been more generous. But not anymore. No, my lashes have not experienced anything akin to a growth spurt, but instead, I have turned to the multitude of alternative solutions for my ‘pygmy’ lashes. Cue happy dance. So, let us dissect the whole lash ‘business’ into bite-size portions.


Eyelash-boosting serums have seen a boom in recent years. Originally developed by US pharmaceutical companies to treat ocular hypertension (where the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal), there are now a multitude of brands promising luxurious lashes!

No longer prescription-only, eyelash serums have their champions as well as their detractors. As such, in spite of my ‘lash longings’, the cynic-in-me has only tried three: Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer, Talika Lipocils and, more recently, Dermafleece. All yielded ‘just okay’ results. But I confess my findings are inconclusive due to my lack of dedication in application. Although I always started out with the best of intentions in the way of commitment, come day six (or was it four?), I would invariably forget. And before I knew it, three weeks had passed since I last picked up that wand! Note to self: using a product one week out of the required four to six weeks you are supposed to will probably not yield the results you were hoping for. The one currently creating a lot of buzz is Revitalash Advanced. Not necessarily easily found here in Singapore, you can source your tube of magic from the UK or the US.

PRO: Your very own WOW lashes — au naturel!

CON: Vigilant daily application is a MUST if you want to see results

TIP: Research which brand works best for YOU!

7bf704f2ccd2aece7916b8ef277195b5FAKE-IT WITH FALSIES:

I know girls who absolutely swear by them and wear them at every opportunity. Over the past few years, for especially glitzy occasions, I have had individual lashes applied but have never managed to retain them for longer than a week! Depending on the occasion, you can choose from “strip” (where an entire strip of synthetic lashes is applied to the eyeline — and available in all sorts of varieties), “flare” (three lashes in a ‘bulb’, applied at required points), and “individual” (where individual synthetic lashes in varying lengths are applied to customize a look and will last a few weeks – if you are handle them with care!).

PRO: Change your look as often as you change your mind!

CON: Accidentally pulling out your own lashes when removing the fake ones

TIP: Find your fakes at beauty shops, popular outlets like Sasa or Watsons. Alternatively, try one of the MANY shops at Far East Plaza on Scotts Road. Oh, and you will need a steady hand!


Tried them. Wasn’t for me. Perhaps the problem lay in the application (i.e. I was rubbish!) and how my lashes looked crimped as opposed to curled. The good folks over at Good Housekeeping did a review on a variety of eyelash curlers recently. It seems like the “heated” ones generally achieved a better curl (Sephora was the winner) over the traditional non-heated ones — but all failed to sustain a curl beyond 4 hours.

PRO: Uhm… it fits into your bag?

CON: The technique required varies depending on gadget and user; often multiple     applications are required; curl (or “crimp” in my case!) doesn’t last!

TIP: Practice makes perfect?


Available for over 10 years now, the procedure involves lashes being treated with a perming solution and then wrapped around a mini roller. The end-result is upturned lashes that ‘open up’ your peepers. Because of the chemicals involved, I was hesitant; and to be frank, when I first took the plunge (in Hong Kong about 8 years ago), I remember thinking to myself (as my eyes stung ever so slightly): “I REALLY hope I don’t regret this…” Let’s just say, my recent experience at Highbrow, has convinced me that (not surprisingly!), the WHO (doing the job) ultimately determines whether or not you become a fan of this approach. The friendly team at this lash-and-brow-specialist salon were so gentle and efficient with their application, I even managed to fall asleep in their chair, waking up with gorgeous curled lashes that lasted nearly THREE months!

PRO: It LASTS! (Sayonara Monsieur Eyelash Curler!!)

CON: This is NOT a rush job so put aside an hour to two to give yourself plenty of time! Oh, and be prepared to fall asleep (but maybe that is a ‘plus’ for busy mamas)!

TIP:  Make a beeline to Highbrow. They really know their stuff and also offer brow    and eyeliner services – plus they also have serums and ‘fakes’ for sale!!


My PERSONAL favorite. Why? It’s quick, easy and no fuss! I love Maybelline’s Falsies and Lancôme’s Hypnôse but frankly, I could wax lyrical about mascaras all day long. Hmmm… this may call for a special Mascara Report somewhere down the track. Watch this space!

PRO: Quick! Easy! No fuss!

CON: Umm.. only if you have allergies?

TIP: Pick the best formula for your needs (i.e. thickening, lengthening, etc)


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